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    fongo (fongo.ca) does offer VoWifi (Voice over Wifi)

    VoLTE is actually much safer than making free calls over Wifi in any (free) public hotspots.

    i used to make calls thru fongo.com (a canadian fintech) at home for casual long distance calls (Canada West / US) but never use it outside

    google voice/hangout also allows you to make free calls in North America but I dont use anymore their service (big brother..)

    there are plenty of "free service" online but be careful... some are concealing creepy activities (listening, recording, selling data etc..) : when it's free you are the product !

    so VoLTE is highly welcome

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    Fongo is not VoWIFI. Fongo is A VoIP service totally independent from mobile network providers.

    VoWIFI is dependent on your mobile network provider. When the service is offered, the phone will reach the mobile network provider servers over wifi when lte signal is weak, so you can still make and receive calls like any mobile call. VoWIFI can be encrypted, which makes it secure, but it’s not mandatory. The carrier decides about that.

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    yes it is. you can download their app on your phone or your laptop (windows /Mac) and make free call to canadian residential numbers using your wifi....they give you a free canadian phone numbers (from either Ontario & Quebec) then dial anyone from the app across canada ..thru your Wifi or you LTE as long as you have internet...

    encryption is a good step forward but insufficient if you use it outside, let's say in public café...

    why ? because there are plenty of flaws, weaknesses and vulnerabilities, threats an attacker can exploit and eavesdrop your call:

    • you dont know the router on which you are connecting to ! (nothing about its setup, firmware updated ?, system patched ?, default setup with weak protocols ?, wifi signal with outdated and vulnerable protocols such as WEP, WPA1 ? lack of hardening, unprotected administrative access ?....and so on)
    • be subject to MITM (man in the middle attack) so your "encrypted" connexion is obsolete since attacker can hijack the signal forward communication, decrypt messages and send it back to the legitimate router ..without your knowledge (setting up a forged certificate in between you and the wifi router).  MitM attacks pose more of a risk than packet sniffers, as a hacker can alter the data you send them. They can then disguise themselves as you, and send the altered data to your originally intended destination. 
    • Evil twins router : ever heard about evil twins router ? An evil twin attack takes place when an attacker sets up a fake Wi-Fi access point hoping that users will connect to it instead of a legitimate one. When users connect to this access point, all the data they share with the network passes through a server controlled by the attacker. An attacker can create an evil twin with a smartphone or other internet-capable device and some readily available software. Evil twin attacks are more common on public Wi-Fi networks which are unsecured and leave your personal data vulnerable (nasty and hard to detect)
    • session hijacking : pretty common and easy on unsecure wifi (aka free public hotspot). If you are using an open WiFi network (fee hotspot again !), you can use a tool called a sniffer in order to look through someone else packet and find the information we need (SessionID, cookie..) so you may impersonate someone's by stealing his session id (=identification). used to be common for folks checking unprotected online service or social media.
    • wifi Jamming or DoS attack. again very efficient on unprotected and free public Wifi. the goal is to force you laptop/phone to disconnect to the legit wifi router by sending a wave of de-authentication packets. do you know airplay-ng, do you know the linux-based distro Kali Linux ? plenty hacking tool available. used by ethical hackers as well as bad actors...https://www.kali.org/ Once you are disconnected, easy for the attacker to tale over and send you similar fake wifi signal with similar name....The exploit works because many devices only recognize a Wi-Fi network by its SSID i.e. the Wi-Fi network’s name tag. When an unsuspecting user connects to the fake network, a hacker can spy on transferred data. 
    • Wardriving and Warshipping: attacker are literally seating right next to the wifi signal (next to a cafe), attempting to scan with free tools such as Kali linux, and find vulnerabilities to exploit. Free hotspot mostly used totally outdated routers (imagine you are surfing the web with Windows XP/Vista in 2022..) leaving opportunities for successful attacks.

    so please folks stay away from "FREE PUBLIC WIFI" .

    i saw folks making online payment thru free public wifi and telling me, yeh it's encrypted (https..) !!! 🫣

    attackers are thriving on people's ignorance...teach your friends and family as well !

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    Ok, yes, as Fongo is VoIP and we use it usually over wifi, you could say it’s VoWIFI.

    however, what we usually call VoWIFI refers to the built-in capability of a phone do to voice calls over Wifi and seamlessly switch to lte and vice-versa using the carrier services. VoLTE and VoWIFI are just VoIP, but a specific flavor of it .

    Most people don’t care about voip services like Fongo. They just want to be able to answer calls or exchange sms/mms on their regular mobile number, regardless if they have strong lte signal or the phone switches to wifi because lte signal is too weak.

    About the security aspects, I can only agree with you. There is flaws everywhere waiting to be discovered, we can just do our best to mitigate the risks

  • RE: VOLTE, I plan to be in the states as of mid November 2022, according to Fizz we cannot received text messages, If I do banking or other operations on my cell and they send me z code , how am I suppose to retrieve this code. C.mon Fizz, Videotron works other Mobile Network works, why can't Fizz work. If we could receive text on our mobile phones then the issue would be smaller.

    If someone has a solution please let me know. So Fizz can your 4G VOLTE be working by November since plenty of SNOW BIRDS will be leaving down South. thanks

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    Probably you don't have VoLTE yet, but maybe you can check before you leave. Some Fizz users in the USA say they can make phone calls on their iPhone 13, XR, or SE but didn't know they had VoLTE, probably before leaving Canada. However most Android phones don't have access to VoLTE yet.

    T-Mobile's 2G is still available in the USA, which also explains why some Fizz users can still make phone calls and text messages without VoLTE. But 2G coverage isn't good, so you need to setup a B plan just in case. And let's hope Fizz will launch VoLTE soon!

  • my phone is a Samsung s10, my sim card is a VOLTE cause it has the logo like Z, B plan is to get another phone or sim card in FT. Lauderdale, then I have to indicate to my bank apps the phone to send me the code, Easy said then done. Fizz needs to straighten out this by month end cause plenty of Snow Birds will be leaving for the South.

  • Is there a schedule for the new SIM card rollout? Neither my wife or I have received the emails to get new SIMs yet, and we've been with Fizz since before the new ones started coming out. I read that there's a several week wait once you order it, but we haven't even been able to order them yet.

  • Awesome

    Looking forward to it!

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    You're welcome!

    Just ot set expectations, there were delays with the new sim cards.

    But once you receive (eventually) and activate, after 2 months you will get a free 5GB gift on your account! :-)

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    I got the free VoLTE sim card, however, I find that the signal strength becomes worse than the previous one with 3G...

    Cannot believe it! (Even I change network to 3G instead of LTE manually)

    Yeah, I am using an iPhone...

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    Happy we finally got VoLTE, but I will add my voice to those asking for wifi calling. Homes and cottages in rural areas sometimes have wifi available but sketchy cell coverage, and wifi calling was a lifesaver in these situations when I used to have it with koodo.

  • Did Fizz solve the VOLTE problem for the USA, tia

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    Hi, unfortunately not this year. Fizz informs its subscribers that the transition and activation of VoLTE will take place in the course of 2023, which will solve the problem of people traveling to the USA.

    "....You’ll be able to call and text while in the United States when all Fizz phone numbers will migrate to the LTE network sometime in 2023...."

    https://fizz.ca/en/faq/why-volte-important number 5

  • Thanks Mamie, so when the Bank or other apps send me a code by text, I am doomed, cause I will not be able to receive it and therefore I cannot sent it to them. I find Fizz attitude very immature and irresponsible cause knowing plenty of Snow Birds are going South in November they could had had an early start and convert their equipment. So once I leave Fizz, I would be hard for me to come back to Fizz.

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    The ABCs of Fizz mobile services. | Fizz

    "Incoming texts are always free, whether you’re within your coverage area or not, and whether you opted for unlimited texts or not. "

    Just ensure you activate roaming :-)

    Here is a similar thread to your concern:

    Do I need to pay fee if I would like to receive texts while abroad? — Fizz Community Hub

  • Great news!

  • I was wondering about the text messaging, then saw the date and it date in 2020. We can't make calls neither receive text Cause of the 3G

    Chatr has same problem and same with other Mobile that use 3G.

    But tomorrow Koodo is suppose to call me, where they have 5Gig of data, unlimited Canada wide calls and Us international text messages for $40. since they use 4G, If that is the case I will switch to them till Fizz solves their problems.

    So If the banks or other APPS send me a code I could enter the code on the app and I am in business.

    I will use Skype to make outside calls in the US.

    Like I said, Fizz should have had a head start on this matter, Videotron can handle this why not Fizz. As they say

    YOU PAY WHAT YOU GET. I think lots of snow birds will scream their head off when they will notice they can't receive /make calls especially they can't receive messages.

    I hope Fizz is reading this board.

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    Fizz is on the 4G LTE network,

    Calls and texts will work in the US once VoLTE is implemented, and should be soon in 2023.

    ''If you are traveling in the United States, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, be advised that as of July 2022, only the LTE network is available. Calling or receiving calls and texts is not possible even if you are using a VoLTE compatible phone, activated with a VoLTE compatible SIM card. You’ll be able to call and text while in the United States when all Fizz phone numbers will migrate to the LTE network sometime in 2023. Of course, your plan will have to be activated with a VoLTE compatible SIM card and a VoLTE certified phone. ''

    For your 2FA, you should be setting up two different authentication methods, be it SMS, call, email, authenticator app. Only having 1 source for authentication is risky! What happens if you lose your phone for example? But that's just my two cents.

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    Not all banks/services allows to configure more than one 2FA/MFA…

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    I just checked RBC, TD, Scotia, Desjardins; They all allow for SMS, phone, and notification to the bank app.

    It would be few and far between that do not allow for it nowadays.

    BMO is ''You’ll receive the verification code as a text or voicemail. You can add up to 10 phone numbers when you enroll for added convenience.''

    But in the event of voicemail, calls aren't received at your Fizz -> Voicemail, Voicemail can be read/listened to through the visual voicemail app.

    A service like Fongo allows you to register a Canadian #, with a wide array of features and the paid texting allows for the receiving of 2FA SMS short codes, and could prove a useful short term solution until Fizz VoLTE is active.

    SMS short codes, activations and verifications – Fongo Support

    Fongo Mobile | Free Calling App + Free Texting

    Unlimited Texting Add-Ons | Fongo Mobile

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    I ordered my new SIM card on August 22 and still haven't received it almost 2 months later. How long is the shipping delay supposed to be?

    Also, I've read a few comments saying that their phone could barely work after they activated the new card (no calls, no texts, no voicemail). Is this common? I have a Samsung S10 and I'm not sure if it's compatible with VoLTE and if the card will work once I activate it. Any advice?

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    Even if you have the new SIM card, Fizz has not launched VoLTE, and expects to do the startup sometime in 2023.

    The only place the new LTE SIM card could make a difference is in the USA, so it won't probably make any difference for you, even there, unless startup is done early next year.

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    "But tomorrow Koodo is suppose to call me, where they have 5Gig of data, unlimited Canada wide calls and Us international text messages for $40"

    Fizz has nearly the same for 39$, I believe. But Fizz has not enabled VoLTE yet.

    So far T-Mobile's 2G is still available for calls and text messages in the USA, but not everywhere. Just as 2G is still available in Quebec... I tried it recently and it works.

  • I just finished talking to Koodo, when they say USA, it means when you're in Canada, you can receive calls or text from the US. If you're in the USA, it become very expensive.

    Was chatting with my bank and he said banks or institutions sends SMS, and he thinks SMS will work compare to TEXT.

    I hope he is right else I will call the bank to get into my account.

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    "when they say USA, it means when you're in Canada, you can receive calls or text from the US."

    In fact, you can do what Koodo is saying with Fizz also, if you are in Canada.

    To complete a call, both phones, the transmitter and the receiver, have to be connected to the calling network. In you are in the USA, and you cannot connect because there is no 2G or 3G network in reach, or because you don't have VoLTE capability, you can't call to Canada.

  • Well found a good deal with Bell ca. But you have to be incorporated, 2 lines with 20GB each line, Canada wide unlimited, messages and USA both lines come to $75.00 and free sim and the $50. is waved out. Now waiting for my son to call me, GGGGRRRRRRRRRRR he doesn't answer the phone. LOL Since we both have our phones, the deal is for 2 years, but you could pull out any time.

    I think when my son, calls they may give him a better deal. a couple cents better then what I got. LOL

  • Very nice :) Thanks for the awesome service