Our mobile network is evolving.

Hi everyone, 


Great news! Our mobile network is evolving, and you’ll have access to VoLTE (Voice over LTE) when it becomes available on our LTE network. Your calls will then use our LTE network instead and you’ll enjoy better sound quality among other things. 


First thing first, your SIM card. 

To stay ahead of the game, you need a VoLTE compatible SIM card. If you ordered your Fizz SIM card between September 2021 and today, you’re good. Your SIM card is compatible with VoLTE and shows a red lightning bolt icon. 


Several batches of invitations. 

For all of you who currently have a 3G SIM card, Fizz will see that each and everyone of you gets a FREE VoLTE compatible SIM card. You’ll receive an email invitation to order it. This process will take place over several weeks, so don’t worry if you’re not part of the first batch. 


If you have questions or you’re looking for more info, we have this FAQ just for you: 



The Fizz team. 



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    This is good news! I am looking forward to this upgrade. 😊

  • Vasiok

    Great news! Thank you!

  • Hi this is really cool!

    I wonder why I can't order my new SIM? It says that based on my current information account, i'm not eligible. I wonder why?

    And if i'm not able to order my new SIM, what will happen with my phone network? Will I be able to still use my phone?

    Thank you!

  • Hello @Whizz, it would be much more efficient if Fizz were to just compile a list of everyone with the older SIMS and send everyone a new VoLTE SIM.

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    Yes it is a good news, but we will have a VoLTE SIM but when Fizz will activate the VoLTE?

  • redhead
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    This was Fizz’s biggest disadvantage. Happy it’s getting fixed!

  • Emporium
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    That is definitely good news.

    Now the next feature which would be awesome would be WiFi calling. That would help many who get no signal in many areas or in large buildings, or even when travelling.

  • francoisb
    francoisb Posts: 1

    I received the invitation. The link in the invitation is a 404 Not Found.

    From the FAQ, I found https://fizz.ca/fr/faq/comment-changer-la-carte-sim-associee-avec-mon-forfait-mobile, which has a link to https://fizz.ca/fr/faq/comment-commander-ma-carte-sim%C2%A0, which is also a 404. Removing the %C2%A0 unbroke the link, but following the steps apparently requires me to pay something.

    Anyway, I'll wait, maybe I'll receive another email without a broken link.

  • Greg
    Greg Posts: 34

    Thank you.

    When I'll receive the invitation?

    I might travel to the US next month

  • Alfio
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    edited July 9

    What is the reason for switching to VoLTE? I plan to go out of hibernation this summer and travel to the USofA. I already have the US plan for the last 2 1/2 years unused. Now I will not be able to receive regular cell calls if I am out of the LTE regions. Texts are basically GONE. LTE will consume my data bandwidth.

    What gives FIZZ! No heads-up... that's it, July is when you cannot use your voice calls in the USA, and have no SIM card at the ready?

    Was this a contract negotiation breakdown with the US carriers? Cost cutting measure? I for one am not pleased. Having VoLTE available is one thing, but removing the regular cell communication and text is not nice at all... with no warning to boot.

  • François
    François Posts: 18

    just received my new SIM card for a new mobile plan and that fucking SIM card is a fucking 3G one

    sucks the hell up damn it!!

  • Greg
    Greg Posts: 34

    @Whizz why you don't ask us to buy a new sim from couche tard and you reimburse it in the next bill?

    You will save time, shipping cost. Clients will not have to wait an undetermined period, and to save frustration

  • François
    François Posts: 18

    a re-insert of the SIM fixed the prob!!

  • EricPD
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    @Alfio, VoLTE is how voice calls (and let say also sms for sake of simplicity) are carried over a pure LTE network. As with legacy 3G calls, VoLTE doesn’t touch your data bucket.

    switching to VoLTE is unavoidable: 3G/HSPA networks are being phased out, to radio frequencies can be repurposed with LTE or 5G. They are more aggressive in USA with this transition.

    this happened before: CDMA, GSM…

    I think the real problem is Fizz waited too long to start VoLTE migration and they were caught pants down when USA began to turn off 3G networks.

  • Doomdrou
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    That's good news! It's probably the only thing that separated Fizz from competitors.

    When will it be available?

  • Alfio
    Alfio Posts: 397

    @EricPD Thanks Eric, I agree.

    I see that there are reports that the new SIM cards do in fact work in the USA for voice calls after-all. Fizz support is informing people that voice calls will not be available even with the new VoLTE card. Also I am being informed by Fizz support that the data used during a VoLTE call will indeed come from your monthly data allocation.

    While Fizz dropped the ball on this migration, they also dropped the messaging info sent to their service representatives. If what I hear from other Fizz users is correct, then Fizz support is providing conflicting and damaging (saying calls will not work in the USA) information regarding the network. I need to travel to the USA now, and I would like to have reliable information on what will happen. Looking in from the outside, Fizz is starting to look like a 2-man operation. Any and all goodwill that Fizz has garnered is quickly vaporizing away.

  • StefanM
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    About time! Fizz waited too long to implement this and many customers suffered the consequences for that. Why it took them so long to finally implement it (especially because it has been public knowledge for a long time that 3G networks are shutting down) is beyond me.

    Here's a data point: VoLTE did not work in Portugal and Austria. When I had an incoming call, it lost connection (no service) as 3G was not available

  • Rimi
    Rimi Posts: 13

    if we have the volte sim card, can we already male volte calls or do we need to wait?

  • Mike
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    Sorry to let you know that my VoLTE SIM I was not able to make or receive calls in NY and VT

    The Whizz wrote

    Our mobile network is evolving, and you’ll have access to VoLTE (Voice over LTE) when it becomes available on our LTE network

  • ivey
    ivey Posts: 7

    Awesome news! Has anyone here received an invitation?

  • Vesper
    Vesper Posts: 27

    Great news, thanks!

  • Nickkkkkkk
    Nickkkkkkk Posts: 1

    Fizzing out Fizz!

    You know about about the situation, therefore Fizz should have been proactive on the volte sim card. Also, there is no guarantee that the volte will work in the US, which gives me no choice but I will be cancelling both fizz accounts next week.

  • Brent C.
    Brent C. Posts: 2

    So I got the invite to order a new SIM and it arrived yesterday. I went to so a swap and it said that my SIM is already attached to another account. I thought that maybe it was already attached to mine so I put it in my phone and it was unable to connect to the network.

    I guess I’ll have to request a new SIM

  • Fethi H.
    Fethi H. Posts: 16

    Fizz has bugs in the activation and sim swap process.

    Be ready for surprise, having invalid sim card that doesn't work.

    The customer service will be blind and bother you with email stating that everything is good.


  • Greg
    Greg Posts: 34

    Can you please provide a timeframe ?

  • ah727
    ah727 Posts: 362

    One minor bug the new VoLTE Sim card has, is that the network icon in the top status bar toggles from LTE to 4G when i'm calling which is not true, because my Network Signal Info app shows me I'm in 3G (UMTS for calls and HSPA for data). I have a Samsung A52 5G, but I tried the new Sim card in my wife's LG K61 and same issue. My wife is with Videotron (Videotron has VoLTE) and the network icon remains as LTE when she makes a call.

  • EricPD
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    at some point, some providers were calling HSPA “4G”, while it was really 3.5G…

  • ah727
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    edited July 25


    That's what I thought, but it's more a Videotron issue. My wife has a LG K61 phone with Videotron (Videotron has VoLTE), and it's the same pattern: 3G (no HSPA), but the top status network icon displays 4G, same as my Samsung A52 5G with Fizz. That adds to the confusion of whether call is VoLTE or not.

    Fizz with Samsung A52 5G (FizzExt because automatic selection of stronger signal - Fizz was too weak)

    Videotron with LG K61: 3G signal, but 4G network status.

  • ah727
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    "I see that there are reports that the new SIM cards do in fact work in the USA for voice calls after-all"

    I would not bet on that. What I have seen reported is that calls do generally work in the United States. For most these are 2G or 3G calls, which in itself is good news. But very few have confirmed VoLTE calls. And at least one has confirmed in Florida connecting to LTE, but unable to make a call despite a new phone (Samsung A53 5G) and the new Sim card. Myself, I could make calls 4 weeks ago in North eastern USA, but twice, even though I could play YouTube, I had to use SKYPE to make a call with my Samsung A52 5G, even though I have the new Sim card. So make sure you set up properly if you go to the USA.

  • I hope it does, it would make it a lot easier to travel