Our mobile network is evolving.



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    You lucky people!!!

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    I just received the e-mail to get the new SIM Card, but when clicking on it and after authentication, it says : Based on your account information, you're not eligible for a 0$ SIM card.

    I am a client since almost first days... kinda lost here...

  • Après avoir reçu un e-mail indiquant que ma carte SIM VoLTE peut avoir besoin de 2 semaines pour arriver, ma carte SIM actuelle a cessé de fonctionner et je ne peux plus utiliser mon téléphone pour appeler ou recevoir des appels. Dois-je attendre que la carte SIM soit remplacée ou quelque chose ne va pas ? !!

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    that's weird, but seems to be a problem for few other users. I would suggest you to report this issue to the admins.

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    Avez vous essayé de retirer votre carte SIM, puis la réinsérer. Une fois que le démarrage a été complété, faite un redémarrage forcé en appuyant sur le bouton POWER pendant 20 secondes jusqu'à ce que le téléphone redémarre. Certains modèles, il faut appuyer simultanément sur le bouton POWER et VOLUME DOWN pendant 20 secondes jusqu'au redémarrage.

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    Got my new replacement Sim. Did the activation online. Waited for the old SIM to disconnect from network to put the new SIM. Put the new SIM card in phone and No Service. Reboot the phone and still no service. Put back the old Sim card and the old one works. I tried to go back to my online to re-activate the new Sim card but I get an Error message saying "We couldn't save previous selection and to resubmit order". How do I resubmit an order? Am I supposed to get another SIm card???

    Seriously Fizz get your act together. I'm not wasting any more time on this.

  • Thanks Fizz. VoLTE SIM ordered.

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    Do we have any idea on when the switch to VoLTE will happen? I'm hopping it fixes some issues i have where people stop hearing me for 30 seconds after 1 min in the call and then the connection comes back....

    Wifi calling would fix that, cause i'm mostly home...

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    @Ari M.

    In a recent post, Whizz said Fizz was working very hard to get a new Sim card to everyone and getting VoLTE to work before the end of the year. Let's hope they can make it.

    Concerning your calls interruptions, as you know calls still go through 3G networks, and putting your network mode settings to 3G WCDMA (or 2G GSM in the USA) will improve your calls. I know toggling manually between 3G and 4G LTE is a fuss, but when mobile signal is weak, you may not have any other choice yet. I had the same issue a year ago, but changing phone fixed that issue.

    You can also try removing your phone protection case.

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    Just retuned from NY USA and service was very good much better then 3 months ago!

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    Glad to hear some people have had a good travel experience while using Fizz. If you could give extra information: what phone you have? new Sim card? T-Mobile or AT&T? Do you know if the calls were VoLTE?

    So we may better understand what's going on across the border.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    I just got the new SIM card and it's been hours now without service! My old one is deactivated so I can't even use it anymore. I'm apparently not the only one with this issue. How are we supposed to fix this?

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    I don't know if it will work, but try a "Power Cycle": press the Power button for 20 seconds, until the phone restarts. On some phones, you need to pop hold the Power button AND Volume Down button for 20 seconds, untill the phone starts.

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    patience. they are working. there is a message under "our services status"

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    i think 1st step is to update sim cards to everybody and 2nd release the network update for VoLTE.

  • meme chose ici, reçu ma nouvelle carte sim ce matin, fait le transfert en ligne: La data ne fonctionne pas avec la nouvelle malgré le logo 3G ou LTE, les appels fonctionnement par contre

    Et l’ancienne carte sim est désactivée


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    VoLte may lower your cost but i warn you not to make sensitive calls over LTE using public Wifi !!

    it's great at home, known and reliable network. but avoid making calls at coffee, resto, malls, groceries, etc (all free)

    perfect to get your communication eavesdropped, especially if you call you bank, doctors, gov agencies etc and provide confidential data...

    Think twice fizzers !

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    I think you might be mixing up 2 completely different calling features. I believe VoLTE calls are done on the LTE network whereas Wifi calling (not available with Fizz) is a separate feature works through your Wifi data.

  • Même chose ici.. Un billet est ouvert sur mon compte, pas de service data depuis 12h...

    Si ça ne fonctionne pas demain bye bye fizz.

  • That makes no sense.

    LTE technology replaces old 3G but is still a network owned and operated by the carrier. The voice call will be Routed on it. It has nothing to do with voice over wifi and should technically be as secure as the previous setup.

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    VoLTE communications are encrypted between the phone and the carrier. There is a hacking technique called ReVoLTE exploiting a weakness in encryption Implementation on carrier networks. This technique can’t be used to eavesdrop random calls: the hacker much be connected to the same antenna as the target and he needs an active call with the target to collect encryption data. A 5 minutes call allow the hacker to hack 5 minutes of eavesdropped calls. So, doable, but it needs to be planned.

    About VoWIFI, the standard allows an IPsec vpn to be established between the phone and the carrier’s IMS. However, unless ther is some tool available on Android to find the info, you can’t know if the carrier activated encryption or not. So, on public Wi-Fi, better use a VPN.

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    Pour ma part ca pris 2 jours pour qu'il trouve une solution. Mais mon ancien SIM fonctionnait toujours. J'ai ouvert un billet le dimanche et j'ai recu un email le mardi pour dire d'essayer a nouveau la nouvelle carte..

    Mais pour fermer le billet, il faut entrer a nouveau au clavardage... un autre 30min de perdu pour attendre de parler a un representant juste pour lui dire de fermer le billet.

  • I have received and activated my new SIM card voLTE this week. Since then my cell phone does not work, no data, no call, no text. I have open a ticket for 3 days and no resolution. I have an iPhone 11. So my advice to you all, don’t activate your new SIM card!!!! You should wait for Fizz to find solutions.

    Very bad technical support from Fizz. Very disappointed. Wondering how many days , weeks or months I will have to deal with this issue. Unacceptable.

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    just to add this. free wifi always vpn. no exception.

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    Nice!! Glad I joined fizz!!

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    great.welcome to the club buddy. Now Im waiting to see the big expansion....Fm and V... will be sweet. Im sure will have wonderful deals on sale.

  • New Fizz subscriber here. Received my VoLTE sim card by mail and VoLTE seems to be working right out of the box on my iPhone.