Going down South soon? Learn how to manage your Android phone networks in the United States

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Thousands of Fizz users will be driving south in the next weeks. As you probably know, Fizz is updating its calls method (VoLTE), but hasn't completed it yet. The US phone providers are shutting down 2G and 3G networks that were formerly used for calls, but still have maintained some 2G remnants. What is to expect when you cross the border? In this post I will try to help you cope with this "mess", with the help of others, as we still have some time to discuss a few issues. The first is 2G.

First of all, I have an Android phone (Samsung A52 5G) so I'm pretty familiar with Android devices. Maybe some people can help out with related IOS issues.

1. What is 2G, and why is it important.

2G is second generation networks that was, and is still used to make calls. 2G has been dropped down by AT&T in 2017. However, T-Mobile is still using 2G until January 1, 2023, and will probably continue using it after that date. If you think you can rely on the other calls network, third generation 3G, forget it, it has been mostly shutdown by both providers. And 4G calls need VoLTE, and Fizz is not ready yet.

Prepair for 2G - Try connecting to 2G in Quebec:

Fizz does not use 2G anymore, but Rogers (FizzExt) does.


a. Set Network mode to 2G:

Settings>>Connections>>Mobile networks>>Network mode

Choose GSM only

b. connect to FizzExt (in the USA will be T-Mobile)

Settings>>Connections>>Mobile networks>>Network operators

Choose FizzExt. (in the USA will be T-Mobile)

So now you should be hooked to Roger's 2G networks.

Voice network is 2G GSM and data network is 2G EDGE (very slow, to use data, set Network mode to LTE/WCDMA/GSM)


Settings>>Connections>>Mobile networks>>Network mode

set Network mode to LTE/WCDMA/GSM)


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    Additional print screens: FizzExt for 2G NETWORKS ( T-Mobile in the USA)

    Note Network mode ism GSM only, Operator here is FizzExt. Will be T- Mobile in the USA

    Network Signal Info app (free from PlayStore)


    Data is 2G EDGE (220 kbps is VERY SLOW!)

    Voice is 2G GSM


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    Using T-Mobile NETWORKS for DATA in the USA

    When in LTE/WCDMA/GSM Network mode, T-Mobile will sometimes toggle down to EDGE 2G data network. Since this data network is very slow, people may think there is no data connection with T-Mobile.

    In data doesn't seem to work with T-Mobile, and you don't see the LTE logo in the top status bar, you may need to kick out the EDGE 2G DATA NETWORK.

    A quick way to kick out EDGE 2G is to toggle airplane mode on and off (leave on 20 seconds). You should see LTE In the top status bar which means you are connected to a 4G LTE network.

    In some situations the 2G GSM comes back and over-rides the 4G LTE network. The 4 supplied Network mode options don't allow LTE only. However, more options are displayed in The Phone Information menu of your cellphone.

    To access the Phone Information Menu:

    Using your calling app keypad, type in this 12 digit code:

    * # * # 4636 # * # *

    Tap on Phone Information menu

    You will see the Network mode options.

    Choose LTE only

    And exit the Phone Information menu

    From now on you no longer have access to the 2G or 3G networks.

    If you want to go back to your initial Network mode:

    Settings>>Connections>>Network mode

    and choose your desired network mode from the drop-down menu.

    If you are looking for a better data connection, and AT&T is also available after doing a network search, you can also choose AT&T which is DATA only for now.

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    Thank you very much for all the information. I wish it can serve a large number of users. / Merci pour les informations données. Je souhaite que cela puisse servir à un grand nombre d'utilisateurs.

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    Great reference ! Refer people to this page will be useful for many I am sure.

    Thank you !

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    Why would I continue to use `fizz for my USA travels, better yet, why the heck would I~ pay FiZZ for this lousy do it yourself service...BYE, BYE, FIZZ...RIPOFF.../

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    I agree with you, it would have been a lot easier if Fizz had been more pro-active and launched VoLTE earlier. I know Videotron has VoLTE, as well as Bell and others.

    Everyone has his own requirements. On my last year's winter Florida trip, I had a good experience with Fizz, as well as last June when I spent 4 days in North Eastern USA despite these issues.

    Mobile services, like computers and other electronics, are not that complicated as long as you understand how they work. In my mind, Fizz is still the best service for the money.

    Hope you will find a provider that will meet your needs and budget.

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    LOL, it's toooo late for me to know this self ON/OFF airplane mode to select LTE. But thanks for posting, it's good to know.

    Last June we had very good plans data,phone,text Canada USA and very satisfied during our two weeks vacations in Myrtle beach and all along highways.

    But last week, I had a business quick trip to NYC, when I needed the most datas as quick as home.... the connection data and cellphone all shutdown on highways or very slow in big city... asking me to load more money!!! Darm!!! What the change drastically between 2,3 months??? I'm questioning do I need to quit Fizz for others company else???

    Very frustrated and scared on the road.

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    This is my point: so many things are going on right now in the USA, mobile networks wise, so you need tools to deal with what's happening.

    My tool box contains:

    - Network Signal Info app (free from PlayStore) to see what network type and frequency I'm connected to

    - Network mode menu (in phone Mobile networks) to choose 2G network only if I need calls, or LTE/WCDMA/GSM if I need data

    - Network operators (in phone Mobile networks) to choose T-Mobile for 2G calls or AT&T / T-Mobile for data

    - Network Refresh by Toggling Airplane mode on and off

    - Phone Information menu's secret access code ( * # * # 4636 # * # * ) to choose LTE ONLY network mode if phone toggles to 2G needlessly

    - and last option SKYPE (3.1 cents per minute) to call landphones, my mobile phone voicemail box, or 911

    If it were not because of budget, I'd definitely would go for another mobile provider, until Fizz completes it's VoLTE startup. But I feel confident I can can manage. I don't do many calls anyways.

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    Thank you!

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    Activate DATA ROAMING:

    Of course, you don't have to wait until you have crossed the border. You can switch it on anytime since Fizz is a prepaid mobile provider. You will never be billed for doing something you have not already paid for. If you haven't paid, it won't work.

    Activate Data roaming a day or 2 before you leave.

    To activate Data roaming:

    Settings>>Connections>>Mobile networks

    and turn the switch on. Leave it on at all times when you are in the USA.

    If you can't find it, type "Data roaming" next to the magnifying glass at the top to search.

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    Once you are in the United States, your phone should do a network search automatically. If you are not connected to a network, tap Network Operators and do a Network search. Tap scan networks.

    The Network search will give you a list of available networks. T-Mobile and AT&T are probably the only ones that work.

    AT&T is DATA only right now ( will be VOICE and DATA once Fizz launches VoLTE) whereas T-Mobile is 2G VOICE and 4G LTE DATA. Choose following your needs. Please read prior discussion about T-Mobile 2G and 4G LTE

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    Fizz has provided updated information beginning November 2022 regarding Fizz users traveling to the USA.

    Please take note.