No internet

Vitalii C.
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All night and Day 12 decembre

No internet

St Bruno rue goyer

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    Hello @Vitalii C.

    You're not the only one as listed below. Probably last night's high winds caused issues in a network relay serving your place but powered by Hydro-Quebec.

    A mod (Whizz) wrote earlier today (source translated below) that Fizz cannot know the service estimated retoration time because they depend on Hydro-Quebec.

    Fizz is aware of the problem and is working to resolve it in order to restore the situation as soon as possible. It is quite possible that your area has a power outage where the power outage is still present preventing your connection from working because the entire network needs electricity to operate.

    Fizz advises to perform a restart of your modem and within 4 hours, to check if the connection is working. Otherwise and if the connection still does not work they advise to restart your modem again within 2 hours because the situation concerning the power cut will be treated by Hydro-Québec however Fizz does not have a precise resolution time to indicate to you.



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