How is it that we don't have Internet?

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Body is required

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  • Whizz
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    Thank you for reaching us.
    I am sorry to hear about this situation.
    I just verified and it seems that you are not the only one affected. I have escalated this for further investigations.
    We do not have an estimated time mentioned since we need to investigate the cause of this but I can assure you we will have the service restored as soon as possible.
    We will contact you via e-mail once we have more details.
    I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Have a lovely day,


  • Philemon24
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    With that username, what are you expecting for an answer? Should we put as much effort and kindness as you did?

    Not even a body?

    For posterity here's a clue : high winds.

  • Adam1234
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    what kindness are you referring to when you cannot get empathy from a human being. This has nothing to do with kindness and everything to do with reliability and service... two things Fizz are failing at. I am not here to argue, I paid for a service and need it to work, basic equation.

  • sman
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    Here we are users and we are limited of the kind of services that we can give.

    However, if you can tell us more?

    When this problem started? If it was from yesterday evening, probably is correlated to the weather conditions.

  • Adam1234
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    Thank you Sman.

    The problem started this morning, intermittent connections since 6 am, then at around 7:40 AM, service was out. In fact at 7:00 AM, service cut off, I rebooted my router. Then when the second interruption occured, I rebooted router again, unsuccessfully.

  • Adam1234
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    Now, the status of my connection:

    Connected without Internet

  • sman
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    @FizzSucks Can you try to see if there is a electric outages nearby

    In my area the wind was very strong, I wake up from the noise makes from the windows, some tree branches felt :(

  • Adam1234
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    Thank you Alex,

    I appreciate you guys getting back to me

  • StorySpray
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    Seems to be a fairly widespread problem. Can you add me to the list of folks having issues and reach out by email when things are getting fixed. Thanks.

  • Pipo
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    Same here,no internet in Laval.

    Let us know when it will be restored please!


  • Adam1234
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    @sman indeed a few electric outages in the neighborhood, nothing on my street however, I guess things are all connected

  • Maximefrenette
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    Same no internet for me

  • Same, no internet here in Québec City.

  • sman
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    If the distribution box servicing your home is on one of that street there is your problem.

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