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  • Le commentaries de Idefizz sont excellentes; suivre-les puis tu va réussir contacter FIZZ. Sinon, je pourrai ajouter seulement à demander l'aide d'un ami.
  • Quel est votre problème? Expliquez nous.
  • @Luc I found the explanation: that is because I tried to gift data starting from My Plans / Gift Your Data. The good way is to go to perks and activate/gave as gift the chosen perk, as I found in the end, and I manage to send you 1Gb data perk.
  • Finally, I was able to send the data perk to Luc and Camille. Using the procedure discovered by Luc here : https://community.fizz.ca/questions/2601826-want-solution-send-perk-despite-bug-adding-contacts I added them to my contacts. Next, I go to the perk to be gifted, click and select Gift, select "contact" and that's all.…
  • Here is what I found: I manage to add in my list Luc and Camille, but ANY person from my list can't be granted with ANY of my gifts. I had some persons from long time there, When I select one person (ANY) a red error appear saying "_shortcode.SOURCE_PRODUCT_IS_NOT_FOUND". [Possible because I have only perks to give, and…
  • Hi Luc. I manage to add in my list you and Camille, but ANY person from my list can't be granted with ANY gift. I had some persons from long time there, When I select one person (ANY) a red error appear saying "_shortcode.SOURCE_PRODUCT_IS_NOT_FOUND". [Possible because I have only perks to give, and all my other data is…
  • Fizzy, I don't care about e-mail or phone number. You said that now we can use referral code, which is impersonal and perfectly confidential. Also they can wait to "when and if" this service is available to write to me, or they can take the chance now and send me that info. I can't see any problem for that, I just only…
  • The post will remain open for another 2 Gb of data to give for who needed more. Remember that I can give you the data gift only after the system will be fixed. Till then you can send me PM with your needs/info.
  • OK. So, I tried to give as "anonymous" but there is a system error. Luc and Camille: My perks will be available for another 18 days. I use to forget, so, send me a PM WHEN and IF the system will be repaired. I'll be notify in my e-mail and I will return here to give you a 1Gb each. Keep the fingers crossed!
  • The page for gifting (https://zone.fizz.ca/dce/customer-ui-prod/#/gifting/start?step=contacts) is available.
  • So, I can't give to Camille (here up) with code xxxxx?
  • Hi Fizzy. I want to give Data Perks that I will not need in near future. I didn't know about this limitation. I agree that some phone numbers shouldn't be visible to strangers (givers/receivers), but some like real friends or family, should be. What can I do? I have no "friends" yet.
  • Hi. I found a solution for you for blocking Voice, Text AND Voicemail. Is what you did for Voice, but you have to do the same for each of (Voice, Text or Voicemail). For more info, see here: . https://support.google.com/voice/answer/115089?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en-GB . Hope it help.
  • Hi Alexia. You have to login to your modem and disable the 5G band for the time of settings. But IMO for setting BT on a device that use only 2.4Ghz band, you may use any band wifi to connect to your WIFI network, your router will have to use 2.4GHz to connect to that device. Of course, if your 2.4 GHz band is disable in…
  • Hi Chloe, Don't worry. Fizz charge in advance for a month with ordering installation, but the 30 days time count start by the day of successful installing the modem. Sometimes the tech don't show up. You have to reschedule your appointment and then cancel this one, but wait 24 hours after the present appointment. Also, IMO…
  • Hi Adam, It sound like someone hacked your account. You need to change your password quickly, and then contact Fizz. You may do that by chat in Fizz work hours(daily 8AM to 9PM) or by facebook. On facebook you may let them message to contact you if buble chat is not available, (see here, etape 2:…
  • Hi Sergiy, On a PC login to Fizz, goto manage contacts, write phone number or email address (registered with Fizz) and click the search button. If found, will be a new line with a name, and in its right "+Add", see my picture. Click on +Add and that's all. However if your friend have not let settings of privacy to "Full…
  • Hi Annie, To receive text messages is not necessary to have them in plan, everybody will receive SMS free of charge. So, your problem is not linked to SMS plan. Hope you already restarted the phone. You have to use the default SMS app. Also, if is a multimedia message check the APN settings: APN: mobile.bm MMSC:…
  • Never heard about. You should contact Fizz support here https://fizz.ca/fr/nous-contacter to find out.If is an error, you'll be reimbursed.
  • Hello Manny, That depend of the software used to send/receive emails. It is sent by email? Usually it's the receiver who may have problems. You may check reading the email on a computer. If the image is hidden (just a square), you may right click and chose "Download images". On phones, it depend on email program, try to…
  • I don't understand what is your question.
  • Oui,pour l'instant les taxes donnent des points. Les points sont calculés selon le montant payé incluant les taxes selon le rapport 1$=10 points.
  • Bonjour Loup-Philippe, Oui, Fizz est 100% quebecoise. Fizz est un subsidiar de Vidéotron, qui est une compagnie du groupe Quebecor Media, donc les services de Fizz sont des achats locales.
  • Salut Fanny, Non, il n'est pas possible pour l'instant pour l'internet, c'est possible seulement pour les mobiles. Tu pourra économiser quelque dollars en modifiant le forfait, mais ça va pas la peine.
  • Bonjour, Voir la réponse de Fizzy.
  • Salut Dukens, Essayez de redémarrer ton téléphone. Si les problèmes restent, contactez Fizz ici: https://fizz.ca/fr/nous-contacter
  • Bonjour Cassandra, Nous somme de clients Fizz comme toi, nous ne pouvons pas te donner des réponses directes. Toutefois, on peut te suggérer de regarder dans ton compte online et de vérifier les transactions dans "Mon profile -> Historique de transactions" (ou ici…
  • Salut Yoan, Oui, ce toujours pas possible. Même si Fizz ne peut pas offrir des adresses statiques, ton issue est très très rare. Moi j'ai eu le même IP pour plus que deux ans. Bien sûr ton modem doit rester branché en permanence pour conserver ton IP. A mon avis, tu peux vivre avec le danger de perdre temporairement tes…
  • Bonjour Ginette, On tous est des clients comme toi. Tu peux contacter Fizz pour parler avec le support technique par chat ou par facebook, voir ici https://fizz.ca/fr/nous-contacter. Ils vont t'aider avec ton problème.
  • Bonjour Eloise, La réponse de Fizzy est correct et complet. J'ai rien a ajouter, autre que seulement Rogers peut réactiver ton numéro, sinon ce numéro sera indisponible (reservé) pour 6 mois, puis libéré au marché (pour être éventuellement donné à un autre).