Does Fizz Ever Have Sales on Phones?

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I was planning to switch to Fizz this month and was waiting to see if they were doing anything for Black Friday. I just saw that the referral bonus is double for the month of November (Yay!), but I was planning to buy a new phone as well (Pixel 6a) and was wondering if it was worth waiting a few weeks to see if the price goes on sale at all?

That said part of me is thinking that even if some phones do go on sale that the 6a won't given it's only a few months old.

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  • SittingRam
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    I just I got a 75$ discount on my new phone. My girlfriend got a 50$ discount.

    discount perks are based on your level.

    I wonder if they are transferable…

  • PepperidgeFarm
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    they do have sales. They had one in august i think. Maybe some phones are on sales right now too.

  • Whizz
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    Hello @Eazy_M ,

    Glad to hear that you are interested in purchasing a phone from Fizz!

    For the moment there are no available discounts, but quite often Fizz launches multiple discounts, or even gifts perks as our friends stated earlier on this thread, which can allow quite a hefty amount to be discounted for a mobile phone of your desire.

    What I can suggest, is to keep a look from time to time, each month on the Fizz website to check what available offers are there.

    What I would like to add is that you must have a plan active for 24 months, once you receive ( get delivered ) the phone with us, else you will have to pay the discount back.

    If you stay only a few months, then you just have to give the pro-rate back on the discount.

    More details can be found here :

    Thank you for your understanding and interest once again!

    Have a good one,

    Raul :)



  • Did you already created a fizz account? They sent rebate perk for phones in accounts.

  • I like how this initiative runs counter to what you usually see in the phone business in Canada. Usually new customers get the best deal and the existing ones get nothing.

    i like that change.

  • MoYe
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    i was pleasantly surprised when i received 100$ for a new phone . might pick the iphone 14 pro max 🤔

  • Eazy_M
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    Ahh I see, thank you for the answers.

    So I take it they never do general price reductions on phones, any "sale" is just a perk for each account?

  • Eazy_M
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    I see, thanks! I guess I'll wait a few weeks just in case then.

  • kokoboko
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    Fizz has always phones on sale. You just have to check. Easy.

  • BEBE
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    Great deals on pre-loved ones.

  • A53, A13 amazing cheap phones.

  • Roxinie
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    Yes, either perks in dollars, in data or a free month that what I got for mine,

  • Vasiok
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    Not really like sales, but some times they just gave some perks that can decrease the price of a phone, like a 50$ off and soo on.

  • Pete
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    Fizz has always phones on sale

  • Michael P. 8945
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    Excellent deals a few weeks ago on the Google phones .. deal is finished though unfortunately ..

    But I'm going to make sure to watch for it again

  • FizzyFizz JQMPM
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    There are always sales on the website. The waive a big chunk of the MSRP of some phones if you stay with them for 24 months. However, conversely to other carrier, you can change your plan as much as you want and pay the phone right away or in just 4 installments with paybright

  • Chickencoop
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    Have you guys actually bought mobile phones that are by far cheaper than they should be. I want to buy an iPhone, but man they are expensive

  • Telephono
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    Google Pixel sale is back on right now.

  • Derr
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    Thx for the info

  • Faelirya
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    Yeah Fizz do

    I got the same discount at Best Buy when I showed them the price of the phone I wanted of Fizz. I don't know if they still do

  • Derr
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    we would need to verify

  • FizzyFizz JQMPM
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    If you plan to stay with Fizz for at least 2 years buying through them could be quite advantageous! Preloved phones sometimes have also very good prices

  • I'd love to see some smartphone case with fizz thematic or maybe just sticker or leashes

  • Derr
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    Yeah good idea

  • Derr
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    Yes hopefully

  • FizzyFizz JQMPM
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    Would you buy a green fizz-branded cover? I'm not sure honestly... Maybe some stickers

  • Derr
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    Yeah, you may be right ;-)

  • Sure they do. Just got a brand new Pixel 7 Pro for $719. They are essentially doubling the current rebate offered by Google. Combine that with 0% financing over 24 months, and that's currently one of the best deal out there for a 7 Pro - if you don't care for 5G.

  • FizzyFizz JQMPM
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    Yeah, that's great! Only drawback is that you have to stay with Fizz for 24 months otherwise you pay MSRP

  • Derr
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    Still a good deal

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