Cannot enable VoLTE on Note 10+ with Fizz

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Currently on vacation in Florida. I am coming from Fido. With Fido sim in my phone, I had the VoLTE toggle and I could turn it off and on. As soon as I put my new Fizz SIM card in (with the red lightning bolt & new Fizz account), the VoLTE option disappears in my menu.

Buddy I’m with has an iPhone, and after putting in his Fizz SIM card, he still has the VoLTE option. Upon turning it on on the iPhone on the ATT network, everything works perfectly. Texts and data work perfectly also on the Note 10+, but calling does not work. The same thing happened on the iPhone before I toggled the VoLTE on

Any ideas here?

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    Hello Sugarkryptonite,
    Thank you for reaching out.

    I just verified your account and I noticed that your plan was just activated last month, so in theory, the VoLTE option should be available for you. I also noticed that the SIM card is VoLTE compatible, however, we do not have information about the phone you are using registered on your account. I would kindly suggest you reach back to us in private, so we can gather some more information and if necessary, forward a ticket to our technical team. Here is an FAQ on how to contact us

    We are looking forward to chatting with you.
    Have a good one!


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