Change your Internet plan while it’s time (extended) 🙉



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    I reset my router, unplugged the wired connection re-plugged it. Checked to see if the wire is faulty which it isn't. Speed is the same.

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    So I get a reply from Koodo over Facebook Messenger. A copied and pasted one stating it will take 24/48 hours from the beginning of your cycle for the changes to occur. This is for those who switched to 120/20 and wondering why you haven't received the actual speed yet.

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    Just wanted to be sure, regarding the 120 mbps for 50$ a month, do we need to activate this plan before July 15th or can we simply purchase the plan and then activate it at a later date?



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    Hi TiffanyC,

    In the case of home internet, you need to sign-up by July 15th 2021 for a future installation. During the sign-up, you will be asked to enter your service address, select your installation date and register a credit card to pay for the first month of service.

    Also if you are a new customer, be sure to use a referral code to receive your $75 credit from Fizz. This bonus is also valid until July 15th 2021.

    If you need a referral code, there is a list here:

    To be transparent, both parties will receive the bonus credit once you have paid your second bill.

    Welcome to Fizz!

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    Same here. I can barely reach 50 mbps over wifi and 80ish over a wired connection. Not quite the 120 mbps that was advertised.

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    This is amazing news!

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    thank you for sharing :)

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    Contact them via chat. I had the same thing happen to me. They credited my account within a few days with the missing discount and the next month's bill was the correct price!

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    Same thing happened to me.. you need to contact them via chat. They will do a reset on their end. Took a couple of days for me.

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    I did open an account as a new member to get the promotion and now the installer didnt event show up, without notice or rescheduling.... I work from home and its july 3rd. Its a deceiving start off from a new custumer 😒

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    bonjour svp , j'ai un compte avec fizz j'utilise l'internet et ma mere a un compte avec fizz pour le forfait mobile , moi je veux transférer mon compte pour ma mere comme ca , elle va avoir les deux sur son compte , je ne sais pas comment faire "

    ps: nous habitons ensemble.

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  • Salut,

    Je ne crois pas que ce sera possible. Je penche pour croire que tu devras annuler ton abonnement internet et qu'elle s'abonne à nouveau sous son nom.

  • Bonjour jai fait le changement dans mon compte pour le 120 a 50$ jai eu le couriel de comfirmation mais mon entente de service na pas ete changer et il disais sur le couriel que le tout serais effectif des le 10 juillet et aucun changement na eu lieux dans mon compte quoi faire

  • I've had nothing but problems in the form of consistent, frustrating disconnects in the early AM after switching to this plan. It's a great price, but nowhere near worth the frustration. A technician was scheduled to come by, but never did, with zero notice of cancellation. That's after arguing with multiple disinterested customer support representatives about there even being a problem that needs to be fixed.

    Fizz treats its customers way worse than any other ISP I've been with. In my personal experience, you shouldn't waste your time, money or patience on this company.

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    Wow!! Thanks Fizz!

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    I used the discount and it's pretty sweet !

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