Hello, my data roaming in not working in USA .....

on my phone I have 8 GB available.. my roaming data is on... could you help me, please

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  • Emporium
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    IF you have CANADA+USA plan, then make sure you have the correct APN settings on your phone:


    If you don't have a plan with USA included, you will need to get a travel add-on for the USA.

  • StefanM
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    I second what Emporium has said. You need to have a Canada + US plan to use your data in the USA. If you have one, check your APN settings. If you don't have one, then you will have to buy a travel add on!

  • Philemon24
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    Hello @Lana M.

    follow Emporium's recommendations, also reboot your phone. It's sometimes the last nudge required.

  • I do have a CAN+USA plan +4 GB which I have already finished. But I still have 8 GB rollover, which I am not able to use. I have already tried: restart my phone, remove and put back my SIM card, installing network setting(iPhone) Carrier Setting APN Update - icon never Pop-up (i can't update setting!) I don't know what to try next... Any recomendation, please. I really need my internet.

    Thank you

  • Hi Alex, I tried to put my SIM card in my 8 iPhone ....showing T-Mobile network but still no internet connection....

    I have an IPhone13 now.....when i bought the additional data 4GB it was working,.. as soon as it finish it is NOT working to use my rollover 8GB????? what is the problem???

    I really need someone from the support team, or I will go with another provider. It can not continue like that forever.. A few days I am without internet connection.

    If anyone can help me,

    Thank you

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