No data added for the new month

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I changed my monthly plan with 20G data starting from this month. However, fizz didn't add any data (supposed on the first day of the new month). I only realized when I used all my rollover data, and contacted fizz. They opened a ticket, now 4 days has passed, no any response on the issue. Texted customer service 2 more times, always answered the technician will take care of the issue. Does anyone have the similar situation? Why will it take so long to fix the a few seconds thing?

Here is the ticket info:

"Technical issue - Mobile - DATA - No DATA

2024-03-07 01:49 AM

A ticket has been opened with the appropriate team.

In Progress

2024-03-07 01:49 AM

We want to fix this as much as you do. Thanks for your patience."


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