Done with Fizz "the automated company"

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I have been having issues with both Fizz mobile and internet over the previous months and their customer service hasn't fixed any of them.

In particular, last month I needed to upgrade my bandwidth but it was already past my billing date. Fizz customer support's response: "We are an automated company, I cannot do this. You need to change your plan on your account and wait for the next billing date".

I did just that and receive the confirmation email. Come the next billing, date: no different. I check my account: no trace of any plan change request.

I contact support. "We are an automated company". They still open a ticket.

Ticket follow up by email: "The issue has been fixed, you can change your plan online now. No I cannot change your plan before that date. We are an automated company...".

On top of that, any question you ask here gets spammed with worthless responses from clueless customers just trying to earn points in Fizz's gamified system. Pathetic.

I'm done with Fizz entirely.

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    Hello Jojo_dents_Cassées,

    I am sorry to hear about situation and your decision to change the provider. Rest assured that we are trying to resolve the issues and make our members happy as much as we can. 
    Related to the situation you had with the plan change, another option that could have worked was to create a new home internet subscription, and once it was installed to unsubscribe from the current plan. In this way you wouldn't have to wait for the new cycle to have the desired speed.
    We remain available whenever you will need, so please contact us in private from this FAQ at any time:

    Have a good day,


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