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Anybody in the US testing if VoLTE works ?

Please update here.



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    I will be in the USA next week, and I will check.

    I also have a post in english under Break room, and in French under Le 5 à 7

  • Any news guys with your VoLTE Roaming in US?

  • wondering when Fizz let us know what is going on.

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    I traveled in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut lately.

    What I can say is that the roaming mobile provider you will use in these states is T-Mobile (unable to connect AT&T). T-Mobile has a pretty good 4G LTE coverage, and for calls, T-Mobile stills uses the old 2G GSM networks until the end of 2022 which is OK, since these networks were designed for calls. Along with these 2G voice networks you also have the 2G EDGE data networks which are terribly slow, and sometimes take over the faster 4G LTE networks, which is rather frustrating. Often I had to put my phone in airplane mode for 15 seconds, and take airplane mode off to kick out the EGDE 2G data network.

    On the right on the top status bar, you should see an "e" indicating you are using 2G EDGE data networks. Otherwise, for 4G LTE, the status bar shows 4G, or LTE, and sometimes just R for roaming.

    This hassle will maybe be over once Fizz goes to VoLTE. (Voice over LTE)

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    I was in Florida in the spring, around the time that ATT shutdown their 3G network.

    I first, I was using ATT (as I normally do), and was able to make calls using VoLTE. I thought that's good. However, my phone switched to T-Mobile at some point (and I was unable to switch back). Once I was on T-Mobile there was no voLTE, so my phone switched to 3G. On the drive home, it would sometimes even switch to their 2G network to make calls. I am assuming Fizz did this to avoid any problems with lack of connectivity once ATT shutdown their 3G network.

    The question is; what will happen in 2 weeks when T-Mobile shuts down their 3G network? Have we had any statement from Fizz? Hopefully, Fizz will fully support voLTE both at home and in the US.

    PS. I have tested my phone at the cottage when it is on the Bell network. No voLTE there, and Bell does support voLTE.

    Com on Fizz, get with the program!

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    @Roger A. #26587@Roger I.

    AT&T having dropped 3G and 2G last spring, it was no longer an option for Fizz, I think. T-Mobile still supports 2G for calls, at least until the end of 2022. In June, in North Eastern USA, it was impossible for me to connect to AT&T any more.

    I think AT&T is no longer a Fizz option.

    Honestly, I haven't witness VoLTE through US providers.

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    I was surprised when I was able to use VoLTE on ATT while in the Florida. But, I double checked and it was working.

    I am hoping that Fizz allows us back on the ATT network once T-Mobile closes it's 3G network. For me ATT always works well, while T-Mobile is a bit hit and miss. And in some places in the US has no signal.

    Has there been any official word from Fizz about VoLTE support and roaming in the US?

  • thank you for info Roger I. Still waiting for official news....

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    I just ordered and installed a new SIM card.

    I can confirm it still does NOT allow VoLTE in Ontario.

    I will be going to Florida in a few weeks. I will report back what I find. I am hoping the phone, at least, works. If it does not, I will be pretty upset.

    Also, Fizz should be more open about what's going on with VoLTE. Trying to keep quiet is not severing anyone, including Fizz.

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    @ Roger I.

    In Ontario, I believe Rogers Fizz partner offers VoLTE to their customers. I don't expect VoLTE in the USA until Fizz goes to VoLTE in Quebec.

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    Just got a email message from Fizz. It states there will be no voice call or texting in the US starting in July. All they say is we can change our plan! Great news. What about supporting VoLTE!

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    Hi @Roger I. this is a very bad management, it is almost a year that the news was out saying the in the USA the 3G will be shut down in March 2022, AT&T and T-Mobile pushed till the end of June.

    Fizz discovered it today :D

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    It's been several years since it has been know about the shutdown of 3G. I believe, the date has even been pushed back at least once.

    The most disappointing thing about the post is; there is no sense that Fizz is even working on the problem, or even cares. Clearly, I don't understand what the problem is. But both ATT and T-Mobile support VoLTE. So it should be possible to have us use it! Is it a technical issue, or a contract problem with the US carriers?

    I can cope without voice, but I need text. I use it for 2FA for several services, for example, banking.

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    Hi @Roger I.

    I believe that short answer is, Fizz doesn't have a VoLTE ready.

    Probably Fizz needs, on their end, an infrastructure to manage the VoLTE calls

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    I cant believe what I'm reading.

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    I agree with everyone. This is bad service. Fizz didn’t “know” till today? How can that possibly be? Sounds like this was badly managed and they won’t do anything about it.

  • Yeah of course change our plan for one more expensive…

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    Well it's the 1st July. Happy Canada Day.

    I would be interested to hear from anyone currently in the US, as to whether their phone has stopped working. I really would like some confirmation before I pull the plug on Fizz. I have been with them since the very start. So I suffered though the early days, but the price is right. The service has never worked great, but good enough for me (I am retired).I like supporting the little guy, but they need to support me, too.

    I doubt T-Mobile will turn off the 3G signal everywhere, all at once.

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    I think the will shutdown all 3G from HLR one time. Lets see. Anybody in US?

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    There are people on the Fizz subreddit reporting today (July 1) that both calls and SMS work fine in the US over LTE on both AT&T and T-Mobile.

    I guess Fizz sent that email because not everyone has the new SIM card yet, but they could have worded their email to be more clear if that's the case.

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    I'm the one posting on Reddit! 😉

    yes all went well this weekend when I was in and on my way to/from Syracuse.

    I was roaming on AT&T and T-Mobile. I was able to make VoLTE calls on both. SMS worked fine also.

    It only dropped to 3G once for one of my call (LTE signal was very low)... and the call failed. but it went back to LTE within a few seconds and it worked well after that.

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    @zadigre -did you have a VoLTE SIM? I’m travelling to the US in 2 weeks (North Carolina) and wondering if I should try and push for a new sim beforehand and/or whether that would affect my service in Ottawa.

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    @LeeL I had an old Sim card when traveling back to Canada thru I-81last april, and things went pretty well - good LTE connexion on Android Auto all the way from Richmond to Canada, but no VoLTE, calls thru 3G networks

    I had a new Sim card when traveling in North eastern USA 2 weeks ago, thru routes I-91, I-93, I-495, I-395 and service was just OK, often lost LTE signal , and it was replaced by really slow 2G EDGE network. No VoLTE - the new Sim card DIDN'T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE. But at least, you can still make calls using T- MOBILE 2G GSM networks.

    The worst part was coming back using I-89 and I-91 from Concord Nh to St- Johnsbury Vt...NO NETWORK AT ALL! But it's not new, In 2019, networks were same, or worse on this route.

    Conclusion: new Sim card...won't change anything, for now. But get it anyways, won't hurt.


    a new Sim card since

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    Remember that Fizz is the Videotron flanker brand. They exist in order to compete with Videotron competition without forcing Videotron to change pricing.

    For customer's with higher expectations and needs, Fizz does not have an incentive to help because Videotron can still serve those people, and they are not as price sensitive.

    Not trying to single out Fizz or Videotron. Virgin/Bell, Koodo/Telus, and Fido/Rogers all do the same thing.

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    @zadigre thanks. This is such a disaster for me….I had joined FIZZ specifically for this reason -to keep my Canadian number when roaming in the US (without having to fork over to Rogers/Bell…we have a place in S Florida and spend ++ time there)…

    So, forgive me for my clueless-ness 🤪…..am I correct in assuming that if I request a new VoLTE SIM to cover me just in case in the US (?), that it won’t affect my service back in Ottawa? I had no issues with my “old” SIM (acquired in December) in Florida and along the I-81/I95 back in Jan-Mar 2022. I’m using an iPhone XR so the phone itself should be fine

    If I don’t change to VoLTE SIM now (I have a trip Jul 16 to the US), do you think my current SIM has any potential to work?(also, I haven’t been able to find anything on Fizz website Re how to get a new SIM mailed (I can maybe initiate a FIZZ chat to get that started). I see some stores in QC have Sims and as I’m in Ottawa, easy for me to skip over to Hull for one, if that’s an option).


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    @LeeL I cannot help you regarding if VoLTE will work or not, but if @zadigre wrote that was working, check if your sim can support the VoLTE technology

    Your SIM card connects your phone to the Fizz network now 3G and going to LTE. A VoLTE compatible SIM card is therefore required to stay ahead of the game. This SIM card shows a red lightning bolt icon. 


    Good to know: 

    • Any member who orders a SIM card today is ok. Their SIM card is already compatible with VoLTE. 
    • Same applies for a Fizz SIM card that was ordered after the month of September 2021. 


    Source: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/why-volte-important

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    As usual, without clear messaging from Fizz, people are very confused. Some people are claiming that US calls to Canada didn't work. I can report that all is well with receiving and making calls to the US, while in Canada. No problem.

    Until users report back about their experience roaming in the US, we will know very little.

    I have ordered and installed a new "VoLTE" SIM card. Will it help, who knows. Maybe it was $16 down the drain.

    I would hope, if that really is the solution, (to order a new SIM card), would Fizz not have said, or even offer to send us all a new SIM?

    A few people are reporting their phones are still working in the US. Not sure if they are using the old 3G network or that for some people, VoLTE is working.

    We must wait to receive HARD facts. Just going off this way and that is not helping.

    The email we all received from Fizz; maybe Fizz just covering themselves. Maybe if you have a newer SIM (with the red lighting bolt) AND a phone that supports VoLTE, all will work. Remember, many (most?) users don't have VoLTE enabled phones. Just having an LTE enabled phone is not enough. There has been much confusion is the US media about this point, with some media claiming you just need a phone had supports LTE. This is not the case. You need a phone with LTE and that phone must provided VoLTE, and the carrier must support VoLTE on your phone. No wonder we are all confused.

    I am still hopeful that all will be well. But if not, it's time to move on from Fizz.

  • Roger I.
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    One last point. Do we know if MMS texting will work in the US? This would be useful. It would not solve the 2FA texting problem.

    Just saying "text messaging" is not detailed enough.

    MMS uses data, and data still should work in the US.

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    @Roger I.

    thanks for this. Bottom line is Fizz email introduced a lot of confusion!

    they should have mentioned the VoLTE SIMs (also I note that someone from Fixz also clarified (on a different thread) that any SIM cards issued after Sep 2021 ARE compatible (so I assume are the VoLTE ones). I haven’t yet pulled mine out to see if there’s a red bolt on mine (which I would have received Dec 2021). I also note (from same aforementioned thread), Fizz saying they will mail out free VoLTE SIMS to members

  • Roger I.
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    I jumped the gun, ordering and paying for a new SIM. However, I would not hold your breath waiting for a free SIM from Fizz. I was planning to go to Florida in two weeks times. (but that trip is on hold for the moment)