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I just received the iphone 12 mini from fizz. I took the sim card out of my old phone and placed it in the new phone and the telephone part of the phone works, but the surfing the web part of the phone isn't working even though it says that I'm connected to LTE. The text messaging part of the phone isnt working either.

Do I need a new sim card to make this phone work?

Also, I tried activating the sim card that I bought with the new phone, but realized that I couldn't transfer my existing phone number because i'm already with fizz. If I need a new sim card to make this phone work, how do I transfer my existing Fizz phone number? I do not want a new phone number.



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    Hello @nikki99,

    I am sorry to hear that you encounter this situation,

    I have verified your account and I see that everything is in order there.

    Please, make sure that you update your phone carrier settings and you have the latest iOS.

    After all your updates are done, try to turn off your WiFi, activate your data on the phone and test the service.

    Check this FAQ for a few troubleshooting steps: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-do-i-use-my-phone-to-access-the-internet

    As for the SMS issue, please make sure that you are using the native application to send them. You might have iMessage enabled and that could not work ( iMessages are sent using your data or wifi).

    To disable iMessage, go to Settings/Tap Messages/Turn iMessage off. Go back to Settings/Tap FaceTime/Turn FaceTime off. Exit Settings.

    Also, you can check this FAQ for more manipulations that you can try yourself:https://fizz.ca/en/faq/i-cant-send-or-receive-text-messages

    If nothing works, then please contact our customer service to assist you with this matter.


    Thank you for your understanding!

    Have a good day!



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    You need to ensure that the APN settings are properly configured on your phone.

    Follow the instruction on this article to configure it for an iPhone:


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    Make sure the APN settings are correct. Also, contact support to make sure your plan is fully activated. This can take a couple days to fully activate.

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    As has already been said, you need to check your APN settings although this should happen automatically with an iPhone (at least it always did for me). Should the APN settings be correct, then you definitely need to reach out to customer support. Worst case they will send you a new SIM card and refund you the money :)

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