How to activate BIXI account if not a BIXI member

There is a BIXI perk for 5$ of one-way riding, with the exact wording below.

I'm not currently a BIXI member, but would like to sign up and get the $5 set up in the BIXI app so that it's ready when I want to use it at a later date, rather than fiddle with the perk in front of the BIXI station when I want to ride. I do not want a monthly/yearly membership, but would like the ability to make one-way rides.

Has anyone who is not already a BIXI member 'activated' an account in order to use this $5 perk?

$5 of free riding time

Promo Code:


Once the BIXI app is downloaded, and your account activated*, select the one-way ride product. Enter XYZZYXXX in the field identified « promo code »

*Valid credit card and $100 security deposit required. Past 18 min. (electric BIXI) or 45 min. (regular BIXI), regular rates apply.

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  • Jacques_Assert
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    Will confirm this information with Bixi if able, but it appears that once you start the process with the Fizz/Bixi perk you must rent a Bixi or lose the perk. Also, it's *up to* $5 as no mechanism exists to carry over any remaining balance.

    Regardless of whether you retrieve a Bixi, or even choose a station, the clock runs until the $5 Balade Fizz is done.

    I also tried to register my OPUS card, but this was impossible while the clock was running on the Fizz One-Way perk.

    Afterwards, I was able to register an Opus Membership. Now I wonder whether having an OPUS membership would block the Fizz One-Way perk as the perk is also shown as a type of membership.

    The UX of the Bixi site leaves something to be desired.


  • Whizz
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    Hey @Jacques_Assert ,

    Did you try following the steps here:

    Let us know if this helps?



  • Jacques_Assert
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    @Whizz , thank you but the link applies to a different promotion.

    The one I am discussing is for $5 free riding time. (Image attached)

    The question is how to activate the account in advance of use, and without a subscription. I don't want to be fiddling with this in front of the BIXI stand when I'm on a tight schedule.

    If you have to rent a BIXI to get your account activated, it sort of defeats the benefit of the perk.

  • Whizz
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    Sorry about that @Jacques_Assert - can you try using this link:

    Note: make sure you have the Bixi app installed on your phone.

    Let me know how it turns out,


  • Jacques_Assert
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    @Whizz, this sent me in the right direction, and I was able to enter the code, and created a Bixi account, but when I stopped the process at the point where it required me to choose a Bixi (because I wanted it set it up first, and use it later, and I was nowhere near a Bixi station) there was no recorded balance, and retracing the same steps reported the code as invalid (because it's now used) but nowhere does it show the $5 bonus.

    At this point, I don't know whether the $5 perk will magically appear as a credit if I rent a Bixi, of if it's now lost because it was not used immediately.

    And presumably, if I rented a Bixi for two minutes using this code, there would be a remaining balance.

    Q: Where do I find this balance? Or was this a single use perk, with a credit *up to* $5?

    As an aside, the agreement text is ridiculously small.

    The image below was displayed on a 6.67" diagonal screen.

    It's completely illegible at that size. :/

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