$50 for you, $50 for your friend ï»ż 😍 ï»ż

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Invite your friends to join our Fizz community and enjoy our amazing benefits. 

You'll each receive a $50 referral bonus if they activate a mobile or Home Internet plan using your referral code.

This offer is valid until July 15 2021 inclusively.

Details at Fizz.ca.



  • Fizzy
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    Thanks Fizz! Two promos running at the same time!!

    The date coincides exactly with the $50 offer for the 120 Mbps home internet plan (valid until July 15th 2021): https://forum.fizz.ca/en/discussion/2621001/temporary-price-drop-50-for-120-mbps-internet-plan-valid-for-early-summer-2021

    🌠 đŸ’„Â Welcome to Fizz! 😃 😊

  • StefanM
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    Thank you Fizz, for always giving us some goodies. I think many people will make use of this offer :)

  • Dgjf
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    100$ of love <3

  • eri
    eri Posts: 833

    Thanks $50 for you

  • Idefizz
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  • Damek G.
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    I guess i need to make new friends just to invite more people! :)

    Thanks Fizz

  • Thanks for the promo Fizz!

    Quick question, one of my friend used my reference code for a Home Internet that will get installed later in June. Will this new promo applied automatically or will he need to cancel his appointment and take a new one?

    In my account, I still see his reference as a 25$

  • Whizz
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    Hello Lucas A.,

    Thank you so much for your message. To be able to take advantage of this limited-time referral bonus, it is needed for the subscription to be placed while this promo is in place. 

    If the subscription was made when the referral was $25, this is the referral that will be applied, regardless of the date of the technician's appointment. You will find all the necessary information on our page: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/what-kind-of-rewards-do-i-earn-for-inviting-friends

    Should your friend prefer to cancel this appointment and place a new one, he'll need to subscribe from a brand new Fizz account, so that it can be the very first subscription. Otherwise, if he'll try to do it from the same account, the referral section won't be available again for him to add the code.

    Have a lovely day! 

  • cristi
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    A lot of people have no idea about this nice company. So many great things for our family and friends to be shared about Fizz.

    And the 50+50 promotion is awesome !

  • A1exandre
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    edited June 2021

    Oh no! I entered a referral code right before this thing started :0!

  • Graeme
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    Does this apply if I use a friends referral code to switch to internet while I already have a Fizz mobile account?

  • where to put the reference code for new clients ? My friend try to put my reference code but dont have the box to put it. He is at the credit part in the process 
. Is this before or after that for the promo code ?

  • Wow sounds like an amazing offer!!

  • My promo code M2ZUF great day 👍

  • eri
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    My code 90N09 $50

  • Leifuer
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    So nice!

    Help me, help you~

  • Idefizz
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    Refer or not, there is no try đŸ‘œïž

  • DooomsDay
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    I hope someone uses my code, could sure use free internet for a month

    Good day

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 103

    I see people advertising the 50$ referral code (as I am), but certain people also advertise 2GB free data. I don't have FIZZ mobile at present, although I'll probably port my mobile service soon, but I was wondering if this was "fake news"?

    If real, is it applicable only short term (a month?) or is it an extra 2GB of data per month for the entire time with FIZZ mobile?

  • Val_2000
    Val_2000 Posts: 2

    I can't seem to access my code. When I click on Invite Friends, the same message keep popping up with no code.... Is it because my installation date is in the future??

  • ps1
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    My code to save $50: ZTS64

  • fizznet
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    Yahoooo des nouveaux clients partout.

    New clients everywhere :)

  • Trop cool! Mon code de rĂ©fĂ©rence est le VZACH

    J'espĂšre que quelqu'un va l'utiliser je n'ai jamais eu la chance de le partager!

  • J_J
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    My referral code: 4664I

    Happy Fizzing :)

  • Pete
    Pete Posts: 219

    My referral code: AK4BO

  • Frankydee
    Frankydee Posts: 13

    please use my code 4DDB7.

    Would be great to benefit at least onceđŸ„°

  • I would be really grateful if anyone could use mine. : JUY38

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