A nice surprise of 5 GB for you.

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5 GB to make December more delightful. 



To mark the end of this bewildering year, we thought it’d be a good idea to offer you a bit of serenity with not one, but five *perks of 1 GB each.**  



Regardless of where you are, just enjoy. A videoconference with your loved ones, a dance session in the middle of the park, no matter. You have 90 days to activate your perks, whether one by one or all at the same time.   


Let’s be honest, these five perks are a nice surprise. Your turn then to surprise another Fizz member and gift them some of your perks if you have extra.  


 These perks are available for 90 days starting 02/12/2020


*These perks are available for 90 days starting DATE. The terms and conditions of the My Rewards program apply. 


**Perks where given if you susbscribed to a mobile service prior to Nov 26 2020


The Fizz Team


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