Can I change from 450 to 514?

I have a 450 number at the moment, and some systems I want to use have problems with that prefix and work better with a 514 or even a 438 number...

Is it possible for me to change only the prefix with no real impact on my internet plan?

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  • Dgjf
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    You cant just change the prefix but you can change the number to a new one with the same nomber, exept the prefix, if he is availlable.

    Because there chance your number with another prefix is use by another person :) Prefix is part of the number you dont own all version of this nomber with all prefix only your number is reserved to you.


  • okince
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    Yes it is possible but you will have to pay a fee for that change; nothing is free unfortunately ..

  • okince
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    PS / Fizz has only 438 prefix number.

  • DrStrygma
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    Thanks for the info, but it doesn’t really answer my question...

    When I go to ”change this number ”, it only proposes me to change the number itself, not the prefix 😕

  • DrStrygma
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    So, except if I move to Montreal, I can’t change my prefix manually, is that what I understand or I’m lost?

    (If I can change my whole number to a 514 or 438, could I know how pretty please)

  • StefanM
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    Yep, as far as I know Fizz only has one prefix ( I am not 100% sure though)

    @Whizz something for you!

  • Jacques_Assert
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    You can order a number from in the 514 zone (or anywhere else in North America) and then port that number to Fizz.

    There will be a ~$25 charge to port out from, but I know that it works. I've done it for a friend.

    (I also have a referral code if you want).

    There is a level of technical ability required that may preclude the typical user, but it's doable.

  • FizzFanTim
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    I commend you for wanting to get a 514 number. Avoid 438 as that is exclusively for people who need burner phones for illicit activities.

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