Have you had Fizz refuse to give you internet when you are trying to switch from Videotron?

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I have informed Fizz to switch my internet service from Videotron. I informed them that my contract would be expiring on a certain date. They told me that my account seemed as commercial internet service and they did not start the process. I offered to present evidence of end of contract and evidence that this is a residential address

No actions taken. In fact, I did not even receive an email about the request.

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    Hi Onur,
    I just checked on this matter and you can rest assured that it has been escalated further as you were informed while chatting with my colleague.
    Have no worries, as soon as the investigation has concluded we will email you and let you know if you'll be able to subscribe to Fizz Home Internet at the indicated address.

    Thank you very much for your understanding.

    Have a good one!

    Andrei from the Fizz Team


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    Hi @Onur

    Fizz is 100% online. Both Fizz and Videotron are owned by Quebecor.


    To find out if you are eligible for Fizz home Internet, you can go here to simulate a registration: https://fizz.ca/en/internet


    Select your plan and enter your address. If you are eligible, you can enter your payment information and select an installation date.


    On the installation date, the technician will bring the Fizz modem and hook up the cabling into your home. You can consult the overall Fizz 

    guide here: https://fizz.ca/en/internet/how-it-works


    If you have any questions regarding your specific address, Fizz customer service is available here:



    BTW if you're a new customer, be sure to use a referral code to receive your $50 credit from Fizz.


    If you need a referral code, there is a list here:


    You can choose mine or the code of someone who has helped you. =)

    To be transparent, both parties will receive the bonus credit once you have paid your second bill.

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    Hi @Onur

    In my short time, never heard of such refusal.

    Are they qualifying your account "commercial" because of your bandwidth usage or the address?

    I do not think the end of contract matters to either party.

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    Neither have I. I wasn't even aware of the fact that Fizz differentiates between commercial and private accounts.

    Fizz 100% online. So you should be able to do everything yourself!

    @Fizzy Welcome back! I saw you posted some answers. Happy that you decided to help out again :)

  • I have a problem, i do return youre modem but my PR Code is fail in Postes Canada

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    Never hear of this kind of problem with Fizz. Maybe your adresse have a problem in their system and so they appeart as commercial. Or your appartement where commercial in the past. The Whizz have answer and im sure they will fix it. Have a nice day :)

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