Call not working?

I just subscribed to Fizz roughly 2 hours ago. I live in Ottawa. I have an 819 number and when signing up, I chose Canada for coverage. I tried calling my father and fizz just won't let me. His number has a 365 area code. Last I checked, that falls under "Canada" coverage. I've turned my phone off and on. No dice! I need help fixing this.


  • Thanks mike. It says my current plan doesn't allow me to complete this call. I chose Canada as coverage. I don't understand this.
  • Thanks again Mike. I chose Canada coverage from the very beginning. I didn't add it as a modification. My plan is 8gb unlimited call/text, voicemail for $40 a month. That's what I chose when signing up. Thank you for your help though.
  • Thanks fizzy. Only calling out is affected. I'm waiting till 10am to contact support.
  • Oury
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    Just in case, i think you should double check your apn settings
  • redhead
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    And restart your phone.
  • R1ck_D
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    and... sometimes it take a lots of time for everything to work.... and like you said at 10am, contact Fizz if you still have any problem. Comme back when your problem is solved. Thx
  • Mike
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    Can you please let us know who the problem was solved?
  • I've contacted support and they have no idea what's wrong so they'll contact their "specialized team"
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    Hope you get an answer shortly.

    If you can get an explanation, please update us here, so it can help others.  Thanks

  • Basically, any "365" number I dial is treated as long distance (even under Canada coverage). The issue is the area code.
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    Shalom Arhebamen

    Thanks for sharing. Does seem a bit strange though since area code 365 has been in use since 2013.

  • Mike
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    Hopefully they will fix it. I hope.
  • Irene
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    What they told you? They will included that prefix?
  • Tech support is working on it.