Voicemail addon over exisiting voicemail plan?

I have voicemail with my plan
If i add the addon for having free voicemail, will I still be charged for it for the next two years?


  • Bringing this topic back. Anyone can confirm that you will not be charged for voicemail when you add the voicemail add-on?
  • IsE
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    @Jose L. I can be sure in 5 days :)
  • @Isa We are counting on you!
  • I applied my voicemail upgrade a few days ago and they just charged me for voicemail. No $1 credit :(
  • So if we have to disable voicemail and then apply the upgrade, when the 2 years are over, we will end up loosing the intro pricing "for everything" because we'll be changing our plain to add voicemail back in?
  • @Sam P. that’s correct. You can’t make any changes if you want to keep the introductory price.


    @Don M. noooooo =(

  • So has anyone successfully added the voicemail upgrade, without having to cancel the monthly voicemail and received the $1/mo credit? in my opinion, it's not worth saving $24 over the 2years for voicemail, if I have to modify my plan in 2 years I'll loose $5/mo of savings (if prices are the same as today)
  • @Sam P. Yeah it isn't worth it for sure. But I don't know if it's just a bug or something. I would say, let's wait and see what happens with Isa E.'s billing.
  • IsE
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    It is not a bug. Same thing happened to me. I was charged for the voicemail even though I have the voicemail.
    I asked in the chat and I was told that I could remove the voicemail in my account to benefit from the voicemail upgrade. However if I wanted to add the voicemail again, I would have to change my plan which would be more expensive than my current plan.
  • Whizz
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    Hello Don,
    We would like to discuss it with you, if you are interested. You can contact us via chat or via Facebook Messenger and we will take a look.
  • J D. #792
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    So it looks like the voicemail upgrade is useless for people that already have the voicemail in their plan.
  • ReneD
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    It's been clarified by customer service on an other thread.
    Here it is
    Chizz :))
  • Follow up to my not getting credit for the VM.... same status lol.
    My second billing cycle and still charged for VM.
  • J D. #792
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    @Don, has it been credited for your previous month after you talked support?
  • Has not... still waiting to hear back from their 2nd level support.
  • J D. #792
    J D. #792 Posts: 314
    that's so bad. One month and Fizz has not resolved. I guess the voicemail upgrade is useless for people already have it on their plan.
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