Why Raul tell me something and Sergiu tells me the opposite?

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Why @Whizz Sergiu tell me this:

We understand your thought process and that you wanted to educate users, however, it can be subject to interpretation by other users, therefore, we need you to stop including it in your posts on the forum.

And why @Whizz Raul tell me this:

You can also modify your reply, to include the message to award someone with a best answer but not specifically to give you the best answer ( just let the user decide after viewing your message ).

And you can look down the exemple of my suggestion to give the Best Answer and not especially to me but to anyone:

Raul, you tell me that you are a small team but you can't agree together to define the rules!

And I'm not upset, things just have to be clear

Thank you for your answer in advance

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