Must dial TWICE t make a call

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Any update on why we have to dial twice in order to call a Fizz number from other providers??

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    It seems that the issue of having to dial twice to call a Fizz number from other providers is not an isolated incident, but rather a recurring problem experienced by several Fizz users. According to discussions in the Fizz Community Hub, users have reported instances where they encounter "Call Failed" messages or need to redial numbers due to initial call failures. This issue appears to be intermittent and affects both incoming and outgoing calls.

    Moreover, this problem has been mentioned across different forums, indicating that it's a known issue within the Fizz community. Users have expressed their frustration over this, especially considering the expectation of reliable service. Despite this, the exact cause of the problem and a definitive solution from Fizz have not been clearly communicated.

    In some instances, users suggested that restarting the phone might temporarily resolve the issue, but this doesn't seem to be a permanent fix. The overall sentiment suggests that while Fizz offers competitive rates, the network stability and call reliability still require improvement.

    For more detailed discussions and potential updates, you might want to check the Fizz Community Hub forums directly. You can find relevant discussions at the following links:

    1. For the topic "Is anyone experiencing Call failures?":
    2. For the topic "Is anyone else experiencing high call failures?":


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    Strange issue!

    Did you try to put 1 before the phone number?

    maybe it’s only a little thing like that

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    Very strange issue indeed. Been with Fizz for 5 years and never happened before. You should contact Customer Service to open a ticket.

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