Moved from 120 to 200Mbps and ended up with 70Mbps! take 3!!

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Original post that was ONCE AGAIN closed without the issue being resolved, even though I've politely asked to not close the discussion until the issue is resolved..

@Whizz Raul,

I've got a message from the chat support saying the issue was fixed, but it is not. My modem was reset once more, and after that I ran the speed test and the speed did not change at all..

Here is the result from videotron's own testing.. Done from a PC hardwired directly to the modem.

This needs to be looked into deeper..

I politely ask you once again to not close the discussion until the issue is resolved.

Thank you.


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    @Marcelo from the previous post I see that they asked you to contact the customer support and they will reprovision your modem live. Did you do it? If not, contact them again and ask to reprovision the modem as it was asked by @Whizz (send them the link of that post).

    PS. @Whizz the user is struggling for 3 days in a row, I guess his modem should be reprovisioned already, without him reaching your support again and again.

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    Yes i did contact the support, and they said that they did some "adjustments" (see screenshot below), my modem reset twice since then, I'm assuming as a result of these adjustments, but nothing really got fixed.

    Since i posted that message, i have not received any new reply from the "live" chat... So I don't know if they DID reprovision (and as result my modem reset) or if they did not.. but i did reach to them.. All I have now is radio silence.

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    I see.

    @Whizz can you please escalate this issue to a higher level?

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    Hello @Marcelo ,

    Alright, I`ll keep the discussion open this time, but please note it`s not that easy to follow every single thread on the forum.

    That`s why it`s easier if you discuss with customer service directly via Live chat or other contact channels.

    You can reach us on private but againn, the replies are not in real-time.

    I also see that the modem was now provisioned with the correct speed.

    Please reboot the modem on your side now ( just unplug it from the power outlet and plug it back in after waiting 5 minutes ) , and do another speed test via wired connection only.

    Hopefully, the situation will be resolved this time.

    On the last note, the channel in which you reached our customer service is not live ( it`s WhatsApp so that means social media, which does not have replies in real-time ).

    Once you open this page: you will see simple instructions on how to reach our colleagues on Live chat specifically also.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    -Raul,Community Moderator

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    Hello @Wizz Raul,

    Thank you for keeping the discussion open, I will do my part of being diligent and report back once we have confirmed that the problem is resolved, this way, you can always refer back to previous messages and remember what was already tried, I guess it helps for something at least.

    Unfortunately, after resetting the modem manually as you have indicated the problem is still there, please see:

    Also, I will be very much interested to know where in the link you send me, should I go to get "live chat":

    From what I see, I have two options: Messenger (facebook) and Whatsapp.. I'm still waiting for someone to reply from facebook messenger since Wednesday.. and Whatsapp is what I am using now..

    The "complaint procedure" link does not work on Edge, Chrome nor Firefox, so I assume I cannot use that option.. The "Status of our services" takes me to a page that shows that all is online and clicking on "Technical Support" brings me to a QA section with no live chat option..

    So if there is another option that I've missed, I truly apologize and ask you please to show me where should I have clicked..?


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    @Marcelo Do you have the chat option? that's the live support. Also, I'm curious were you getting the full 120mbps before you switched to 200?

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    Hello @wayne , To be honest, I don't know if I was getting the full 120Mpbs before I switched.. I know at some point I was, but never really checked before right before switching.. I just saw I could switch to 200Mpbs for the same price, I just did and forgot about it until he month flipped, that's when went and check if it had taken effect..

    I did indeed mixed things up!! To me that Icon would take me to Whatsapp (maybe it did in the past, and I never bother clicking on it again), Truly sorry for my oversight on that matter.. Started a chat right now, thanks for pointing that out!!!

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    No problem Marcelo, hope it works out for you.

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    Happy to report that after further adjustments and a factory reset.. finally this morning I see 200Mbps coming down the line!

    Thank you all for the help!

    @Wizz Raul, thank you, we can close this discussion now.

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    Hello Marcelo,
    Thank you for keeping us updated. 
    We are glad to hear that the situation was resolved and you are now receiving the correct speed. If any such situations appear again, you can feel free to reach out to us privately and we will do our best to help you.  
    Have a good one!
    -Sergiu, Community Moderator

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