Moved from 120 to 200Mbps and ended up with 70Mbps! take 2...

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Reposting, since my original issue was not resolved and conversation was closed without a reason...

Original post:

@Whizz - Raul,

I have done (as requested) a FACTORY reset of the modem. And now I have 2 devices connected, 1 hard wired, where all my speed tests are coming from, and my phone, where the Fizz app is installed, and where I'm running the diagnostics from.

With that said, the results are the same as before, from the app diagnostics:

from a PC that is wired directly to the modem:

Let me remind you that no other device is currently connected on the entire network.

As you can see, the speed being reported by both tests is not even close to the contracted 200Mpbs, we cannot even say that "it's a small variance". This has been the case for AT LEAST the past 3 days I've been trying to get this resolved, no matter what time of the day I test.

What has being asked and done, with no avail:

  • Normal modem reset;
  • Factory reset;
  • Removal of all devices from network except the one(s) being used to diagnose this issue;
  • Changed network cable that is used to hardwire PC to the modem directly (used 4 different cables so far)
  • Changed the PC that is hardwired to the modem directly (also used 3 different pcs)

All this with the same result.. Speed does not go over 130Mpbs (which at this point I am convinced is some kind of throttling on the APP to show 'better' results, since Ookla and Google speed tests are consistently matching and show a much lower speed)

I've been trying to get this resolved via SUPPORT CHAT for the past 3 days, getting the same and dismissive messages, most of them taking place hours after my replies..

I'm trying to keep my cool, and giving time so all the L1 support "checks" are exhausted, but I'm pretty sure we are past this..

I am asking PLEASE get this escalated!

Also, please don't just close the conversation after the reply unless my issue has been actually resolved.

Thank you!


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    It seems that they didn’t change your speed

    only to be sure, under your account you see that your plan is changed for the 200mbps?

    they should try to provisioning the modem again

  • Marcelo
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    Hello @Jess_i88b6 , Yes it does:

  • Whizz
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    Hello @Marcelo ,

    Sorry to hear about the issue once again!

    I discovered something on your account on another check, as it appears that the modem might not be provisioned with a 100% accurate speed.

    That might`ve been an oversight on my side, as I apologize for the inconvenience also.

    What I need you to do now, is to reach our customer service on Live chat so they can reprovision the modem on their side.

    I would have wanted to do it now but since you might be at work , I don`t want to disturb it , so I invite you to reach our colleagues on Live chat.

    I`ll tell them to check the account thoroughly on the notes that I`ll leave now, and make sure that they re-provision the modem.

    This would take a few minutes ( to re-provision the modem ) , then you can run a few speed tests once more as the speed should be corrected ( we are mostly interested in the wired tests also ).

    Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

    Have a good one,

    -Raul, Community Moderator.

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