Nobody chat with me except Robo

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When I want to chat with agent, the waiting list showed I was the 36th on the list. After 1.5 hours waiting, I became the 1, but nobody chatted with me. When I sent a message, I became the 40th on the list. So what's the problem with Fizz? Anyone has the same problem? Are there any other ways to contact them except this tiring waiting? Thanks.

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    Hello there Bo C. #40011 

    As our members said before me, the congestion period can influence our response time however you can always contact us on other platforms.
    You can leave a message on our Facebook Messenger chat, for example, so that you know that your question has been sent to us. After that an agent will answer it as soon as possible. 

    Here is our support page from where you can view our other means of contact:

    Have a good day and thank you everyone for your responses!


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    Hi @Bo C. #40011

    This can happen when there are too many client try to chat with the customer service.

    I didn't try to contact today, therefore, I don't know

    Try in an hour

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    @Bo C. #40011

    Hi, you can also communicate with Fizz via Facebook Messenger: or in your account by opening a ticket: My Settings/Contact Forms/

    Chat remains the fastest way to contact customer service. Some days the chat is less busy than others.

    Good luck!

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    TIp: Avoid peak hours to reduce waiting times. Usually I get an agent within 5 minutes.

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    Did you find someone?

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    The chat is available 24/7: try another time.

    To avoid the bot, type anything.

    Eventually you will get "Transfer to an agent".

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    It is easier to get an agent via FB Messenger.

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