Tell us your gifting story

Hello everyone,

Fizz is looking for community members who have gifted data to other community members. We would like to tell your stories in our next advertising campaign.


We're looking for stories that are moving, far-fetched, out of the ordinary :

⚡ Troubleshot someone who needed data for work?

⚡ Helped a complete stranger who needed to activate their data to get to an important meeting?

⚡ Offered data to a stranger to do a good deed?

⚡ Thanks to you, a student was able to study on the route between Montreal and Quebec City with his gifted data?


We want to hear from you. Write to us in comments or privately.


A gift will be offered to participants in the form of Fizz services. 



  • Alexsolo
    Alexsolo 1ADO7Posts: 668

    Amazing! Safety is the priority, you're a good friend.

  • Collapse3
    Collapse3 Posts: 52

    I gave date to someone who's parent was in the hospital... Seems normal to do it when I can.

  • RexNewton
    RexNewton Posts: 24

    I did not give any data, but I wanted to say that it's really nice and original from you guys to offer such a thing! Definitely a modern company that reflects the population :)

  • RyHi
    RyHi referral code HRAT8Posts: 150

    A stranger was travelling to see their girlfriend and ran out of data. They reached out to the community for help. They needed data to assist with travelling. I gifted them 2 GB to help get them through their journey.

  • YTH
    YTH Posts: 19

    If you don't add data plan, then you can't accept data from others?

  • YTH
    YTH Posts: 19

    That's weird.

  • Mike
    Mike Voici mon code de référence => K61CD <= Here my referral code => K61CD <=Posts: 19,204

    I gave data to various people, friends, users that used my referral code, people in needs for different reasons, for example a mother that was in the hospital during the covid and the videoconference was the only way to be in contact with relatives.

  • MoYe
    MoYe Posts: 607

    i gifted data to my cousin so he could watch the habs game at work

  • sman
    sman Code de référence: ☞ NPONZ ☜Posts: 2,384


    I gave to my ex-spouse, yes you understood correctly.

  • Fizzy
    Fizzy * Go de ma part + mon code de référence Fizz => 66KGA <= my Fizz Referral code + GB data from me *Posts: 8,751

    The most I have gifted at once is 5 GB is to a fellow Fizz member in need.

    In return, I have received these shiny, cool badges along with some reward points.

    Yes you need to have a data plan to participate in (plan-to-plan) data gifting.

    However, to receive data perks, any mobile plan will do.

  • Gabriel1
    Gabriel1 Posts: 21

    À quel endroit on peut demander des dons? Il y a bcp de conversation qui se font fermé par les administrateurs...

  • A friend travelled to another city and end up using all his data and asked help as he was travelling for a few days and his plan doesn't reset until end of month. I sent him 5gb to help him out in order for him to order food and use uber get around the city.

  • im always helping by gifting data to people in need in these forums and facebook groups!