My phone plan stopped working

Maryse L. #6600
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plan stopped working for no reason this morning. I always pay on time and still have 13 days to go on my current plan. Why did this happen? I need my phone for work and was really unhappy about this situation.

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  • Mamie
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    @Maryse L. #6600

    Hi Maryse, there have been problems on the network since this morning. You have to be patient and wait a little longer. It will settle.


  • Whizz
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    Hello Maryse L. #6600,

    I am sorry for the situation encountered,

    There was a short interruption of mobile service this morning (Data, calls and SMS) for some Fizz customers, however, the service is now re-established.

    I kindly advise you to restart your phone and test the services using this FAQ:

    Fizz apologizes for the inconvenience this may be causing you.

    Thank you for your understanding!

    Have a good one!


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