Does Fizz Even care anymore

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Let me explain,

I've been with fizz since the beginning, recently I google fizz VOLTE and come across a web on that only explained how to get VOLTE.

  1. You need a VOLTE compatible phone
  2. you need a VOLTE compatible sim card
  3. you need to have VOLTE coverage

ok great I get a new phone that's compatible

I got and pay 17$ for a compatible sim card.

Can't replace my sim card online so i contact customer support via facebook messenger that transfers me to

I explain the reasons as to why I'm replacing my sim card to the rep. The rep proceeds to replace the sim card.

New sim card doesn't let me use my internet, there seems to be an issue on fizz's side.

Contact fizz again waited 2h in queue. agent opens a ticket.

Ticket takes 1 week before the issues is fixed so no Data on my phone.

After everything is resolved, VOLTE doesn't work. Contact fizz again to explain that the whole reason that I went through this was to have VOLTE.

Agent says yeah sorry we know that our website doesn't explain it that well.

I'm like wait what? well are you going to reimburse me for that sim card.

The agent actually replies well we didn't ask you to get a new sim card so no.

ok well are you going to give me a credit since I've had no data on my phone for a week.

agent reply yeah sure let me check that out for you. So, for the whole week of no data and everything you've been through, you'll get a 4$ credit on your next bill.

So, in the end, this whole issues comes from the fact that fizz's website seemed to indicated that VOLTE was available as long as you met the criteria.

I'm just down a few hours and with the credit in mind, this whole thing cost me 13$ to have no data for 1 week.

Thanks FIZZ awesome

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    Hello @humonculi ,

    Thank you for being part of the Fizz community.

    As for the situation, you have my sincerest apologies. When the VoLTE services will be implemented we will make an official announcement on our website and on the social media account of Fizz.

    Rest assured that we do care about all of our members, reason why I am inviting you in private to resolve the situation with the purchased SIM.

    You can contact us following the steps from this FAQ:

    I am counting on your understanding and I wish you a great day,



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    First of all, my answer here is not to defend Fizz's customer service which, as you have experienced, can be very ordinary at times.

    You were not aware that if your SIM was not compatible with VoLTE you were to receive a free one ?

    This is what Fizz said to us

    Great news! Our mobile network is evolving, and you’ll have access to VoLTE (Voice over LTE) when it becomes available on our LTE network. Your calls will then use our LTE network instead and you’ll enjoy better sound quality among other things. 


    First thing first, your SIM card. 

    To stay ahead of the game, you need a VoLTE compatible SIM card. If you ordered your Fizz SIM card between September 2021 and today, you’re good. Your SIM card is compatible with VoLTE and shows a red lightning bolt icon. 


    Several batches of invitations. 

    For all of you who currently have a 3G SIM card, Fizz will see that each and everyone of you gets a FREE VoLTE compatible SIM card. You’ll receive an email invitation to order it. This process will take place over several weeks, so don’t worry if you’re not part of the first batch. 


    If you have questions or you’re looking for more info, we have this FAQ just for you: 


    The Fizz team. 


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    To answer your question, the date of the ticket is 2022-06-17, the post you've suggested is from July 5. So no there was no FAQ no info about anything and has been updated since.

    No, getting a sim card was not mentioned anywhere at the time of the incident.


    But thank you


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    I won't hide from you that I'm not really looking forward to receiving mine and activating it because if the operation doesn't go well, as I've seen several times on the forum lately, I won't be the happiest man on earth. And if I have problems with the SIM of my girlfriend's, I'm dead.

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    haha i feel ya, I'm just disapointed that the rephaha i feel ya, I'm just disappointed that the rep acknowledges that yes, the FAQ wasn’t clear and politely told me to F off error on their side and 

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    They could have at least totally refund you because they won't have to send it to you now, you already have it.

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    well that's the least I was expecting but I guess Fizz doesn't care about it's first customers.

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