1 week for a service call?!!?!?

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I am hoping someone within the community from Fizz management can assist in resolving my issue quicker than the service team.

My modem has been having issues holding a sync for about a week. I reset the modem to factory default, tried a different coaxial cable but nothing seems to resolve the issue. The modem will connect for 5 mins then disconnect for 40mins, then connect for 30mins then disconnect for hours with nothing but the power light lit up with the other lights occasionally flashing on then off.

I contact customer support yesterday and they confirmed the signals are out of the normal range not only for my line but for my neighbors line and said a tech would be sent out. They requested dates and times to which I responded with any date any slot just the most recent one available as the service is basically hard down. They closed the chat stating I would receive an email confirming the slot sometime today.

Today I was contacted by customer support saying my inability to provide 3 distinct timeslots caused a failure to give me a service call and that they wouldn't be able to get me a tech today. I know other customers who have made requests for a tech on a saturday at 4pm and had a technician out to their house by 6pm. Regardless I hoped at the very least it would be tomorrow or WORST case Monday. After pushing very politely and firmly for a service call today, I was informed the first available slot is August 6th!!!!!

This is truly unacceptable, is there anyone from Fizz management that can help to resolve this sooner? I will be looking for another provider this week and likely be able to get one to give me service before August 6th, if that ends up being the case I will be cancelling my fizz service. 7 days for a service call when you are hard down is an unacceptable SLA!!!

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    Hello constantinetournas,
    I am really sorry for the situation encountered,
    I have verified your account and I can see that the issue is indeed solved.
    The signals are now great.
    We have also refunded you for a week without services.
    Please, verify your email for more details. 
    Thank you for your understanding! 
    Have a good one!


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    @Whizz anything you can do?

  • constantinetournas
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    I was under the impression from this post https://forum.fizz.ca/en/discussion/2155458/fizz-accommodation-disappointing that there is a 48hour SLA. What's happening?

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    I have the exact same situation and exact same date for the technician to come arrange the problem: next August 6th. Quite unacceptable. One week without a reliable internet service that keeps disconnecting is a very bad situation when you work through a vpn. It is unmanageable. I believe that they too are having an employee shortage… i am very disappointed.

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    @Francois H. #27011 definitely it is unacceptable! I understand that fizz is 100% online customer service, but when it comes to identifying nothing else but a tech visit is needed, a week to wait is not acceptable. I will be checking out Electronic Box to see if they can hook up before August 6th because it's the same price as my current plan, so if I can get a tech to install before the 6th I will go that route. Hoping @Whizz can run this up to higher management!

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    Keep in mind that if you are looking at cable internet, regardless if it is ebox, TS, or even Fizz, they all use the Videotron subcontractors. They do not use their own techs for the actual service calls, since the network belongs to videotron.

    Now if your problem was contacting someone at the help desk and you could not get any answers, that would be a different story, since they all have their own help desks which eventually dispatch a service call to Videotron.

    It is obviously unpleasant and hard to work without any internet :)

    But truth be told, we are in a crazy monopoly between very few big boy networks.

  • @Emporium The thought had crossed my mind, but do you think that videotron really only has techs (for resellers) 1 week out? I find it very difficult to digest that Fizz a subsidiary of Videotron would be given such sub par SLAs and so little slots to fulfil service calls for their customers, I guess I figured maybe ebox can dispatch a tech for an install quicker than Fizz can dispatch one for a service call, I have yet to confirm this. It's possible even ebox won't have a tech to install before the 6th.

    It is indeed crazy that this monopoly which is allowed to run can offer a turn around of more than 5 business days to resolve an issue that their help desk techs confirm is a line issue.

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    I agree with you that the monopoly (lack of competition), has created an environment where people just accept it, regardless of how bad it is. But unfortunately it is always one of the Videotron subcos that is sent out. And I don't know if they make less money on calls for 3rd party providers than with direct videotron customer installs, but historically when I had Videotron installed in my place when I first bought it, the tech was super and very helpful. Even at my inlaws who had Videotron, the techs were great for install and future service calls. Fast forward 20 years and 3 providers later, every other install (which was still on Videotron network) for 3rd party ISP, the techs were often grumpy, obnoxious and less than helpful. They act like they are doing YOU a favor :(

    I can see (and accept) longer than 5 days for a new install. I remember in the past when you could not schedule an install anything less than 3 weeks lead time. However, that is for a new install only which sometimes involves more work if infrastructure is not already in building. I can't however understand how you can get away with anything more than 24hrs for a service call to FIX an issue with a service which in theory should already be working.

    BTW: Any update on how your situation turned out ?

  • The technician came Saturday and the issue with the internet is resolved. As you mentioned getting a new install was not possible within those 5 days.

    Te technician ran a new drop from the pole as the exterior wiring was old and he mentioned finding visible fraying. The technician was super amicable and at waited 20-30 minutes outside in his van monitoring the line and came back after noting a drop within those 30 mins. He replaced the modem as well as some older exterior splitters and all was resolved. Unfortunately I forgot that my phone line is through Videotron and that got disconnected during the visit and Videotron is sending a technician today between 12-5 (thank God they aren't making me wait 5 business days!)

    Fizz has not contacted me regarding a refund (prorated discount for longer than 48hrs without service) I assume I will need to chase them for that.

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