Why does my speed limit is lower than what Im supposed to have?

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I have 8 mbps download

10 mbps upload

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    The most accurate way to test your internet speed is to connect your PC directly to Fizz modem, and use Videotron Internet speed test.


    you're using a router or VPN you'll see some speed drop.

    WIFI test are not very reliable in my experience.


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    Hi Lelapain

    This answer is from Dapfizzer

    This is how perform some speed tests using the Fizz Wi-Fi app. This app is available for free on Google Play Store & Apple Store.


    Do multiple tests with different devices and at multiple locations around your home.

    Compare the results obtained at the downstream (Download) and upstream (Download) speeds of your Fizz Home Internet plan.

    If possible, also a speed test with a device plugged in using a network cable (RJ45) directly into the Wi-Fi modem.

    You can also perform a speed test using any website or app of your choice.

     Make sure you choose a speed test that uses a local server.

    Some sites only offer test servers located overseas. It could skew your results.

    Source: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/my-wi-fi-network-slow-how-do-i-make-it-faster#3

    source https://forum.fizz.ca/en/discussion/2630322/best-way-to-check-internet-speed

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    you can contact Fizz customer service to ask question about your speed by opening this link: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-do-i-make-sure-my-mobile-service-working-properly and simply scroll down until you see the green bubble, then click on it to start your chat session with Fizz customer service.

    You can also do it on Facebook: https://facebook.com/fizzca

    -By private message on Twitter : https://mobile.twitter.com/fizz_ca

    -Whatsapp : (438) 393-5814

    Chatting is the only fast and efficient method because you interact directly with customer service

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    Hello Lelapain,

    Sorry to hear that you have issues with your services!

    We tried to check your Fizz account but it looks like you have no Internet plan registered with it.

    In this case, to properly assist you in this matter, we advise you to reach us on Live chat, by following the details found here : https://fizz.ca/en/support ( browse any FAQ on the solution hub, and wait for a chat bubble to appear on the bottom right of the corner, while also being connected to your Fizz account ).

    Have a wonderful day ahead! :D

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