Require follow-up with Whizz who flagged a forum post

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Q: How can I reach out to the Whizz who flagged the post so that the issue(s) can be clarified.

I received a warning for a post from a Whizz. The Whizz misunderstood my inquiry, based on their reply. But there is no way to respond to the Whizz, either to give or receive any clarification.

There is no personally identifiable information in the forum post. Attempting to query my account for more information will return a null result, because this is not my only account.

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    is your original question closed ? because normally you can answer there.

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    @Jacques_Assert Whizz is somebody Fizz, they are monitoring this forum. You can also repost your original question ie open a new

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    Thanks for the private message suggestion.

    I posted no phone number. At best you could argue that I posted an area code, but this is a QC company so there is a short list. :)

    Not going to report the question in case I get three strikes before I get a chance to explain their mistake.

    Doesn't help that Chat remains down for me. Can't blame Rogers for that.

  • Whizz
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    Hello @Jacques_Assert ,

    Thank you for your post,

    The post that I flagged with a warning was because a phone number was posted there.

    We are more than happy to help you out with this matter.

    I have flagged the post as I found it untrue to some point and it did respect the Community Guidelines.

    That was the reasoning behind the warning.

    Also, verifying your account I could not find any trace of this situation ever happening or a conversation with us regarding this matter.  ( maybe on another account)

    I explained there that a number could not be transferred without consent. ( if the message is not answered> the number will not be transferred if you answer with no> the number is not transferred, only when you answer with yes you can transfer it and you need the IMEI and account number to try). 

    Regarding your trouble finding the chat bubble ( or actually using it), can you please provide us with screenshots/video when you try to reach us and it doesn't work? 

    I will leave the post open.

    I count on your understanding!

    Have a good day!


  • Jacques_Assert
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    Hello Eugen, and thanks for the reply. Yes, I have more than one account.

    You can find all the history under my other account, but that account has no forum profile. Not sure how I could identify it without breaking a rule. Perhaps a PM?

    One issue with the consent message is that it's unexpected and therefore unsettling. There used to be a similar issue with web domain transfers, but very quickly we gained the ability to lock domain registrations against transfer attempts. A lockdown feature is available with some other mobile providers, including Videotron. It would be great if Fizz included it.

    Another issue is that the phone can still be transferred without responding to that text. There is a phone number in the text that allows another route, for those times when your phone is lost or dropped in the toilet just as you decide to change providers. My own experience is that you can socially engineer those agents to reveal information. Not intentionally in my case, but that's how I found out that the port attempt was likely a mistake because the agent revealed the actual number that was successfully ported.

    That was helpful, because when that same number started to be associated with my SIM, I knew where it had come from.

    But it's now been a month that my SIM reports the wrong number (even after a network reset) and my account does *not* show my actual phone IMEI or phone number in the My Phones panel, but instead shows my old phone and the number of the Fizz client who currently has my old phone (which is another privacy issue).

    (Request: the ability to merge/split accounts).

    As for the Chat problem, I've now tried with three browsers (Edge, Chrome, & Brave) with similar results. Clicking the Chat icon simply does nothing visible, even in an incognito window. Next step is to try on another system.

    Note that I work in IT. And I help many Fizz users with their problems because they can't navigate chat (even when it works). For example, when data roaming doesn't work for them in Ontario or the US, chat becomes a moot issue. If I am having trouble and can't make it work, the chat interface really has problems.

    Note: As best I can tell, the chat window instantiates but is not visible. It will occasionally appear after the chat has timed out. In those cases, I can print a transcript, but it's very short (example attached).

  • Jacques_Assert
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    Not going to repost the original question on the chance it gets flagged again. :(

    But there is a link in my new question that goes to the original post. ;)

  • Jacques_Assert
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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Yes, the original question was closed.

    I contacted the original Whizz by PM so there was a chance for clarification.

    (they were looking at the wrong account)

    Now, if the Whizz would just remove the warning on the original post...

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