My phone suddenly refuses to connect calls to a number that used to work?

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My phone today started refusing to connect calls to a medical clinic in a nearby town (which I have called before in the past month without problem). It doesn't sit anywhere near a province territory line, so there's no reason it shouldn't connect.

But I get some nonsense about "your plan does not allow us to connect this call". What am I supposed to do with that?

I also tried to get access to the online chat but the button in the webpage appears to be broken, no chat pops up.

Help would be appreciated.

edit: Another person in my household which also has a Fizz plan doesn't have any problem connecting the call on their phone.

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    This thread can now be closed, the issue has resolved itself without any obvious mechanism.


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    Hello someruser120344,

    I am sorry to hear about this situation.
    I can see that your plan only has Quebec coverage.
    If you wish to make calls outside Quebec and Ottawa region you will need an add-on or use the pay as you go option
    Here you can find more information regarding calls and coverage:
    If you plan to do this frequently you can also adjust your plan to have Canada coverage. 
    If it's a local call you can consult this FAQ for troubleshooting:
    If the issue persists please contact our support to investigate this further.

    Have a lovely day,

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    As I mentioned in my OP, the call I'm trying to make is within Quebec while I am within Quebec.

    I also mentioned that I am unable to contact support because the online chat is broken and I do not have social media accounts.

    I have also gone through the troubleshooting steps to no avail. I used the same phone a few weeks ago to call the same number without problem, so I doubt it suddenly became incompatible.

    This would mean that the status of services might still be "stuff is broken".

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    Hello, I would suggest:

    • enable then disable airplane mode on your phone to reconnect to the network
    • check the network APN settings, reset to factory and reset FIZZ APN settings
    • restart your phone
    • if someone you know has a Fizz QC plan and can call that specific number, swap SIMs to see if the issue follows the SIM
    • back up your data on your phone and reset to factory settings, as a last resort
    • another way to contact a Fizz agent is to login to your account, go to My Settings and Contact Form, this opens up a support ticket and your exchange is by the email registered on your account.
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    @Clive Thanks for the Contact Form reference, I wasn't aware of that option. They really should mention it exists.

    I've tried most of these save the factory reset & SIM swap at the moment; I'm worried about data loss and don't have a ready setup for backing up everything.

  • someuser120344
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    Additional note: The online chat is also broken on Chromium, not just Firefox. So the browser I'm using isn't the root cause of the issue.

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    @someuser120344, another idea is to check if that number is blocked on your phone.

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    @Clive No idea what it was in the end. It just started working again at some point before my ticket was actually seen but not before I'd written it.

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