Triple your referral bonus  😮 (Closed)

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Take advantage of our two-week blitz: Activate your first plan with the referral code of a friend between September 2 and 15 inclusively, and you’ll each receive a $75 referral bonus. 

This limited-time offer applies to active Fizz members who refer a new member. The new member must activate their mobile or Home Internet plan between August 13 and September 1, 2021, inclusively, for both this member and the active member who referred them to be eligible to a $50 referral bonus, between September 2 and 15 inclusively, a $75 referral bonus, and between September 16 and 30 inclusively, a $50 referral bonus. The referral bonus for the active member and the one for the new member will be automatically applied towards the monthly payment of their respective plan if both members have an active plan when the new member has accumulated two months of service. The amount of the referral bonus is non-refundable, and is subject to change without notice.


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