Our website is back online. Thank you for your patience.

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Our website is back online. Thank you for your patience.


Hi everyone,

We are aware that our website encountered a few challenges today. The problem has been identified and a dedicated team is working to resolve it. The site has been placed under maintenance for the time being.

The Fizz mobile and Home Internet services have been, and remain, functional. If you need to reach one of our reps, use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Apple Business Chat.

As always, thank you!

The Fizz team.

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    Hello @kingTheod,

    Thank you for your suggestion and opinion.

    We do not nor will ask you to provide us any private information on any of the platforms mentioned. Our dedicated chat bubble is the only contact method and most secured one, where we will ask you to come and provide such information. We are aware of the security means and we are doing our best to keep it as high as possible.

    We apologize for the fact that the maintenance scheduled had our website down for longer than expected. The contact methods mentioned to use were provided due to the fact of the maintenance and we wanted to inform you that we are still there for you. We know that the response time is different than the one on the live chat, but we are trying to help everyone as fast as we can.

    Once again, we apologize for this unpleasant inconvenience.

    The Fizz Team

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    Hello @simon123,

    Usually, this does not happen.

    The website maintenance usually is set for a certain interval, no longer than 2 hours, unfortunately, yesterday we had it down for longer than expected due to some complications with the updates we were trying to add. Our dedicated department had to check why this happened and then we had it fixed. After the fix was applied everything returned back to normal.

    Please accept our apologies for this situation.

    The Fizz Team

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    Hello @Shane L.,

    I suggest you reach out to our support department to assist you with the situation experienced with the outgoing calls that drop after 10 minutes.

    You can find some steps and our contact methods by checking the following FAQ https://fizz.ca/en/faq/I-cant-make-any-calls-on-my-phone-why On the right-hand side, there's a "?", click on it and you'll see our chat bubble and our other available contact methods.

    Regarding the issue you encounter, our dedicated department informed us that all services work and are functional.

    We apologize for this unpleasant inconvenience and situation.

    The Fizz Team

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    Hello @Dana D.,

    You can contact us by checking the options mentioned in the first post. We know they are not the most secured connections, but we remain available there for you to contact us.

    We apologize for the situation encountered.

    Have a good one.

    The Fizz Team

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    Hello @samisheikh,

    Thank you for your opinion and for your suggestions.

    The maintenance scheduled for yesterday was performed for longer than expected due to an update. Our dedicated department started to check it and applied the fix. Unfortunately, this had our website down for longer than expected. We are aware that this is not the ideal moment to have this happen.

    We have our dedicated chat bubble as a means to contact us directly and chat with us live. We prefer chatting because you can send us pictures, videos, or any other information that you cannot do while you are over the phone. We know that other carriers have different options or services. We work on improving ours every day.

    We apologize for the website's downtime and for your situation regarding the calls dropping after 10 minutes.

    You can contact us back and we will check your account together in order to assist you with this.

    Once again, we apologize for this unpleasant inconvenience.

    The Fizz Team


  • SiBeau
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    Does it happen often that the site goes down for so many hours? I was trying to get a hold of FIZZ because my mobile service kept dropping calls (after 10 minutes, I'd hear a few beeps and then the calls would drop, every time).

    Your post states that Fizz mobile remained "functional" (for 10m intervals?). I'm wondering if this might be related to the same "challenges" that you have been encountering?

    I've asked the question on a separate post. I'll include the link here in case the questions only get answered over there: https://forum.fizz.ca/en/discussion/2623771/fizz-mobile-calls-being-dropped-at-10m-intervals/p1?new=1

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  • kingTheod
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    i think it 's time for Fizz to get a dedicated, private and foremost, a secure channel for your clients.

    relying on a free third party service such as Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp for providing support is definitely inappropriate and may create potentially security issues : those platforms are not designed for this purpose

    posting private / personal or confidential data on FB, Twitter..may compromise our data hosted online online bc they are not designed for this specific matter, no accountability.

    affordability should not come with poor security.

    breaches happen on daily basis. big or small businesses : all targeted

    since Fizz is 100% online, risk is getting higher !

  • Kevin P. #2908
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    Thank you!!

  • Shane L.
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    From what I can tell, the website is not fully back online. I was able to log in but it just hangs when I actually try to manage my information or data. Also Fizz incorrectly stated that mobile services were functional. Fizz was dropping calls after exactly 10 minutes. This happened on multiple phones for me. Three beeps and then you were cut off.

  • FizzyBubblech
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    Great Thanks.

  • Dana D.
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    A big issue with Fizz is that if the site is not working, we have no way to contact anyone. I needed help with my phone data and nothing could be done since the website was down

  • samisheikh
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    Why isn’t fizz acknowledging this mobile outage. We all had this issue of 10 minutes call drops. I contacted the support many times yesterday via fb.

    fizz really needs to get phone support. Yesterday their website was down and their phones were having issue. Their prices are not that far off of competitors but they’re pocketing a huge profit. They don’t have to pay for a call center or pay for any stores or kiosks or even pay third party activation commissions. We also don’t have the same level of service(no VoLTE or VoWIFI) as other providers, yet all we get is a few dollars of discount.

    We really need to hold Fizz accountable of this outage. They’re no longer in beta, and such outages shouldn’t occur. Even if they do, they should have dedicated phone support to address them. *611 should work like any other provider, instead all we get is a message stating that there is no phone support and to reach us on chat. Web chat via fizz site was unavailable yesterday and support via fb and what’s app is very slow, it says on those platforms that the chat is not addressed in real time and they’d get back to us eventually.

    This is completely unacceptable. I lost around 25 calls yesterday because of the call drops issue.

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