PSA: Easy & Simple Way to Contact Fizz Through iMessage

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Method 1: Saving the link

Many people ask how this question and seem to receive all sorts of complicated answers. There is, though, a very easy and simple way of contacting Fizz through iMessage. Whether it be using an iPhone, an iPad, a Mac or even an Apple Watch (for the brave enough), you can simply save the following link and tap/click it when support is needed.

Method 2: Creating a Contact

You can also create a contact in your "Contacts" application:

1) Open the Contacts application

2) Click/Tap on the "+" button on the top right corner of your screen

3) Under the First name field, enter "Fizz" or "Fizz Support"

4) Click/Tap on add email

5) Enter the following: urn:biz:d2b30f49-ef9a-4e6c-9348-767c4fc63f85

Done! From now on, anytime you'll need to contact Fizz, just click/tap on Message under the new contact or create a new message directly from the "Messages" application!

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    Hello @SubnormalFever

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    @SubnormalFever Thanks for the detailed advice. New members will definitely enjoy it.

    However, be careful with posting your referral code. Referral codes are only permissible here:

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    Thanks so much for the advice!! As you noticed, I'm brand new here...!

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    Just tried it and works great. THANKS!

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    @SubnormalFever 😎thank you for the detailed explanation, it's greatly appreciated. Most importantly, welcome to Fizz and our awesome online community!


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    Great job

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