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It’s been over 24h in my internet is still on pause!!! After making my payment! I work at home, I can’t afford to not have my internet!! When will you fix my internet! I have a ticket out since 5am , now it’s almost 6pm I still don’t have internet. I have been with no internet since YESTERDAY afternoon! This is too much!!!

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  • Amish P.
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    once I had to leave it unplugged for a good hour before the router worked again... leaving it plugged in won't do anything.

    did you try talking to someone on live chat?

    If it's urgent, in your situation I would also try a factory reset. Make sure your internet has not been put on pause for a payment related issue. I had that once and did not realize it until it was too late. When I fixed it, the internet was still on pause, because fizz paused it themselves. Afterwards, I resolved the issue by reaching out to them.


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    I have had no internet since this am . Tried to contact over what's app but no response for 8h now

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    Try this, there is a speech bubble at the bottom right. The speech bubble contains different options for contacting fizz.

  • go to Fizz website (or this URL) then click the green icon with the " ? " which is on the bottom right of the screen. Then you can choose which platform to chat.

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    I am sorry for the situation experienced.

    I see that you've managed to contact un in private and a ticket was created, it was solved and everything is in order now on your account.
    Reach back to us if you encounter any other situation, in order to help you further:

    Thank you for your understanding and patience. Waiting for your reply.

    I wish you a wonderful day!


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