Response constraints

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Hey all,

not a question, just few observations in regard to answering a question since the new forum platform.

  • If it's very long, it risks triggering the automatic approval process and not be visible until a human approves it. So be short. How much is too long? More than x lines, too many links, more than y characters ? Dunno yet exactly.
  • Your answer can be re-edited in a 15 minutes period. Nice. After that, it is written in stone.
  • Tagging someone can be tedious especially with the extra numbers happened at the end of their nickname. Tip: quoting does tag the member automatically tho. No need to type @ and type-n-search through a list.
  • Also you must wait at least 180 seconds between 2 posts. Or a spam block will affect your account.
  • BUT if you re-edit too frequently during that 15 minutes, it will also trigger the approval process. See snapshot. I got that after editing 3 times for grammar or RTF edits.