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Fizz says I'm using more data than I am?

Hi, I'm fairly new to Fizz and I've never noticed this problem before. I had 2,66 gb of data available at the beginning of the month, and now I'm down to 1. When I go to daily usage, it says I've only used about 500Mb. Where did that other Gb go? Why can't I use it? I certainly haven't yet, so where did it go?


  • Whizz
    Whizz Posts: 7,872
    Hello Malika,
    We're sorry to hear about this situation. In order to get accurate results regarding daily usage, I recommend checking it from Incognito/Private mode on your browser.
    I also checked your account and saw that you have some rollover data which has been used up. I kindly wish to tell you that even if the rollover is used up before it expires, it will still appear there as used up until that period of 2 payment cycles passes. Regarding data usage, we also have a page with useful information: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/my-telephone-is-using-an-usual-or-high-amount-of-data-why
    If by any chance you still notice a different usage, please reach out to us on any channel you'd prefer so we can be able to make the necessary verifications and help: https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us
    Thank you so much for your understanding.
    Have a wonderful day!
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