technician installed my internet today, i got an email that I missed my appointment, any help? my pr

Hello, my technician was suppose to come to the appointment today, which he did, everything went well and installed my internet, however I just got an email from FIZz saying that I missed my appointment to reschedule my appointment, my profile shows as pending, however everything is installed, any help? how to fix this issue? thank you


  • If it were my situation I would contact fizz after 24 hrs to make sure that this glitch doesn't interrupt my service.
  • Whizz
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    Hello Girair,
    I took a look at your account and everything is in order, the plan is active and in good standing, the appointment shows completed as well. You are also able to check it from My Plans - Manage Plan - Appointments.
    All that's left is to enjoy Fizz. :D Thank you so much for choosing us.
    Have a great one,
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