Can I get back part of the fee of my plan?

I paid a new round of bills on June 27, the plan is $35.02. However, I converted my sim card to Fido on July 10, and actually I did not use the amount planned for a few days. Just about 2 weeks. Can I refund part of the fee?


  • Cancelling before the end of your payment cycle
    If you choose to cancel your Fizz mobile service before the end of your payment cycle, know that you will not receive any prorated refund. Fizz is a prepaid mobile service, and the choice to cancel before the end of your cycle is yours.
    Cancelling during the trial period
    To receive this refund you must not have exceeded:
    The trial period: 15 days for everyone, with the exception of customers living with a disability (who have completed the disability form)
    50% of the data included in your monthly plan (unless you have an approved Proof of disability form)
  • Thanks for your reply. I remembered that I transferred to other agency before the end of your cycle, not over 15 days. So is the refund automatically generated? Or I still need to apply to the customer service?
  • Hi Ping, the partial refund is only for new subscribers within the first 15 days. If you have been using Fizz for more than that, they don’t provide partial refunds. Sorry.
  • Yes,They should only charge for the days when you were their customer.
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