Data usage not right, how to check?

My data usage is not calculated correctly, and how to solve this problem? I never had this problem before with Fido, and I found so expensive using Fizz! Am I wrong to use Fizz?


  • SW_Sk8
    SW_Sk8 Posts: 95
    Contact Fizz support
  • Support fizz
  • Bozo
    Bozo Posts: 479
    First, check your phone usage, The data usage on your phone and what is on the website should match, or at least close.
    After, You should check with support as explained by Mike.
  • poker85
    poker85 Posts: 720
    Contact Fizz support ;)
  • Check your phone counter and if the data is different from fizz counter, contact the support!
  • Yea contact the support. What is on the Fizz website is your most reliable info. it could be a bit different of what you see on your phone.
  • Alfio
    Alfio Posts: 393
    Check that the app updates are only done when you are on wifi, or better yet, allow only manual app updates.
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