What does "unreasonable or disproportionate" use of an unlimited service mean for Fizz Internet? (pa

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This is a follow up of my previous question about Fizz's definition of "unlimited": https://community.fizz.ca/questions/2198674-unlimited-mean-fizz-internet

The last paragraph of Section 10 of the Service Agreement says:

You must not use or permit the use of the services (unlimited or not) in an illegal or improper manner, or the provisions set out in section 15.4 might apply. That is the case, for example, if the use of the services (unlimited or not) is unreasonable or disproportionate, if it jeopardizes the services or our network, if it harms us or any other person, or if it is against the law.

Fizz chat support first said it meant illegal downloading of content. But that is redundant as illegal behavior is already explicitly addressed multiple times separately. Then they said it refers to spamming. But again, that is also illegal. Then they escalated the question, to which the email reply was that it refers to commercial use. Once again... that is covered in a previous paragraph of the same section.

Not to mention, none of those explanation really fit "unreasonable or disproportionate". These are highly subjective and relative terms, and are not defined in the agreement.

Does anyone know what "unreasonable or disproportionate" use of unlimited internet means with Fizz?


  • Great documentation
  • I assume they mean engorging the network by constantly transferring large amounts of data, such as by constantly backing large files to the cloud. Most users won't have this problem, but if you use your connection for commercial purposes or are a super heavy user, they might throttle you, I suppose.
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    @Vincent It would be better not to assume.

    The idea that "unlimited" applies only to light users renders the term not only meaningless but misleading.

    I have found no throttling policy mentioned, but there is a traffic management policy, which applies only for the upload of the 120 Mbps plan and only during times of congestion: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/internet-traffic-management-policy
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