I can’t make any calls on my phone,why?

I can’t make any calls on my phone, why?


  • Sorry to hear that, it's fair to say that's not normal. First off, you should check that your current month was paid properly by checking your credit card statement. If it was, but things still don't work, contact Fizz via their facebook page or on the chat on the official site.
  • Martin
    Martin Posts: 272
    Check band compatibility of the phone
  • Gualberto
    Gualberto Posts: 340
    Reset the phone.
    Speak to them.
  • Martin
    Martin Posts: 272
    If problem persists, contact the support
  • Beter
    Beter Posts: 133
    Did you try rebooting your phone?
    Your phone might just had lost the connection
  • minayou
    minayou Posts: 10
    Try the SIM card on a different phone if possible. Or reboot the phone
  • Is it fixed now ?
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