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Fizz is asking for a copy of my bank statements to issue a refund. dfck?

tl;dr: fizz took money (50+$). failed to deliver and asking bank statement to issue a refund. Because they don't have access to their own billing statements and need to see transaction on mine.
So i've ordered 10 cards, that I wanted to share with my family + car internet + gps trackers
Got a message that it was shipped with tracking number, but never got it.
Reached out to Fizz and they told me that their system is shitty and SIM cards were not sent.
They can't resend them because they can only ship 4 SIM cards at a time.
Now... where fun starts - they can only refund if I send them full copy of my bank statement. (which is illegal as far as i'm aware by QC laws and the way they store information).
Send them blurred screenshot of just their transaction, but that's not enough.
SO i just charged it back. More people should do it in Canada, so companies learn to refund right away.
Good luck folks with that sh_t show


  • Allison W.
    Allison W. Posts: 1,270
    Um. You ordered something, were charged for it, and nothing was sent? If they won't give you a refund without you handing over a full bank statement (a ridiculous request imo) I would escalate my complaints outside of Fizz. Either the CCTS or your card company.
  • Souriane
    Souriane Posts: 44
    @Aleksey, the printscreen you showed here dosen't prove that you are able to order 10 SIM. You must press the submit button to get the message that they cannot proceed your order.
  • @Souriane you probably have ignored whole post. But that's ok...
    Not only i placed an order, i also got tracking number.
    OK, for those who needs prove - I'll upload actual charge :)
  • Do you have a bank app? Just send a screenshot I did that and I got a refund.
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