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Fizz, does your mobile data still record the usage?

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I found that my data usage starting from April 3 are zero, every day. I know I used the data (at least on April 4th, I watched YouTube), so it is impossible zero. Does this happen only to me, or everyone has the same situation?


  • Yeah, same here, since april 3rd. I was driving on the 2 last days and used Google Maps with datas. So impossible to don't have any consumption.
  • Same for me. No record !
  • Another data point: both my account and my wife's account all show 0 MB usage each day since the outage on April 2nd. This of course is despite us both using data.
  • FYI the fine print says:
    *The method we use to calculate data usage is automated. In case of a disparity between the data displayed on this page and those from other sources (example: your devices) the information presented on this page takes precedence
    So if it says zero usage (which mine has also shown the last few days), then I guess we're all on unlimited data for now.
  • Whizz
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    Hello Hao ,
    This it is a display issue.Our technical team is well aware of this situation and they will fix it soon.You can track your data consumption also from your phone settings.Since Fizz it is a prepaid mobile service you will not be charged when you run out of data.
    Have a nice day!
    Marius Daniel
  • my account seems to be tracking my usage ok, it does seem to take a while to update though.
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