Is the plan 35$ still available?

I ordered a SIM card and I was looking to join Fizz on cellphone and home internet. The main goal was home internet with 30mb upload speed for 35$ per month- as per my friend recommendation. Now I see new plans have been posted on your website- now it’s 55$/month. If I activate my sim, can I still get the same plan for 35$.
Thank you


  • Mike
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    Sorry the beta price for internet ended the 18/3, and the full price for the mobile they will be changed sometime in april


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  • JoGF
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    They set up the cellular price in 3 steps (Beta, Introductory and Launch). Unfortunately, they had only 2 price for the Internet (Beta and Launch) and the Beta price was by invitation only (When I tried to request it, they refused). Fortunately, I got an invitation 2 week after request it and 1 week before the Beta price ended)
  • Whizz
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    Hi Edgar,
    As our beta period is over now, we officially launched the Home Internet for all of our users and you may only choose from our new plans and prices.
    Have a great day!
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