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I am considering moving to Fizz. I am spending most of my time in Maple Ridge, BC. However, I am planning to travel within BC in July, and in August I am going to Alberta for a week. Otherwise, I am working from home and spend my time mostly in Great Vancouver Area. What kind of plan I should get? I am a bit confused. Please help. Thank you

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    The province only plan vs Canada wide plan difference is only $1 per month. If you really want, you can do BC only plan and then the billing cycle before you need to go to Alberta, switch to Canada wide plan. After you return, switch to BC only plan. IMO, saving of $12 * tax a year for is not significant enough to worry about not using the Canada wide plan. As for what plan, select the lowest data amount you are comfortable/use each month. Unused data carry over so eventually you will be left with lots of data. You can also initially select a high data plan and then switch to the lower data plans as the roll over data is valid for 60 days after your billing cycle ends. The data used is always the one with the earliest expiry date first.


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