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Currently I'm under unlimited call/text plan with coverage only in Canada. However I am traveling in Germany and wanted to get service there as well. From what I read I need to go to Travel—> Add ons which would cost be 10$ per GB of data. This makes sense, but I wonder what would happen to my calls/texts? e.g. if I I make a phone call, how much would I be charged per minute? or how much would the incoming texts be?

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    Hi @Salome

    The calls cannot be used outside Canada and USA, therefore, you cannot have any addons for it.

    Regarding the text the incoming are free, the outgoing you need to buy an addons for it.

    Usually in Europe you can have a very cheap rate for a prepaid plan, some of them they also include calls for the USA and Canada.

    Or you can use an app such messager, Fongo, TextNow etc

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    @elena code xzi4t thanks for clarifying. Essentially, if I get addon data and use Whatsapp it should work fine, correct?

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    Hello @Salome

    That's correct. 😃

    You can get a data Add on, then activate your roaming from your phone settings once you are in Germany; after that you can use the data how you'd like, so there shouldn't be any issue in using WhatsApp. 👌

    Also, the amazing thing regarding the Add ons is that they get activated immediately and they are available for 2 payment cycles.

    I'll leave this FAQ to you regarding more details on Add ons

    If you have more questions, feel free to contact us directly by following this link

    Have a good rest and enjoy your trip! 💚✈️

    -Ingrid, Community Moderator

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